Creepshow 1×03: “All Hallows Eve/The Man in the Suitcase”

Shudder’s Creepshow
1×03: “All Hallows Eve”
“The Man in the Suitcase”

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“All Hallows Eve”
Directed by John Harrison
Written by John Esposito

Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - Eyeball PumpkinIt’s the big night and everybody’s out to trick or treat.
The streets are alive with kids in costumes. Pete and Jill are part of a club, the Golden Dragons. The two of them and Binky are dressed up and plan on hitting more areas of town for candy. They find their buddy Bobby. Now the Golden Dragons need their last member: Pete’s kid brother, Skeeter. They find Skeeter in his ghost costume, but the little dude doesn’t say much, likely beat out from the beginning of the night.
They head to Mr. Boatner’s house and semi-terrorise him over his “slim pickens” in the candy bowl. Jill isn’t as excited as Binky and Bobby, who seem to relish in it. After that, they visit the home of Mrs. Collins, walking in like they own the place. She brings them out fresh muffins from the oven. Mr. Collins calls them “monsters.” Apparently this kind of stuff happens every year in that neighbourhood. There’s some kind of eerie history in this town, with his group of kids.

Out in the woods, an old tree is where they used to have a treehouse. “All things must pass,” Binky says as they all look up at the ruins. After a while, the crew walks to another house. Doesn’t look like anybody’s home, though Pete is sure the owners are around. The group heads to the door and knocks. This is where Mrs. Hathaway lives. She doesn’t answer, so it’s time for a trick rather than any treats. They smash their way inside. Binky calls out to a boy named Eddie, and nobody answers. They find Mrs. Hathaway sitting in a chair with a gun. She tells them Eddie’s not there, threatening to shoot them. Pete tells her they need her son to “break the cycle.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - All Hallows Eve - Skeeter's SkullEddie comes out and takes the gun. He tries to shoot, but it doesn’t fire. Then the kids take him. Mom’s done trying to fight it. The group pull Eddie outside, and off into the woods. He’s tied against a tree and the kids gather sticks to lay at his feet. Seems Eddie pulled a prank with some other dudes that led to people getting hurt. He begs Skeeter to tell the truth, given he was there, and Skeeter reveals a fleshy, bloody skull beneath his ghost costume.
We’re given a glimpse of the past, at the Golden Dragons treehouse. They were sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons together. Their walls were marked with runes and posters were hung all over. When they tried to leave, they found the door locked. Down below, Eddie and his buddies lit a match, which eventually caught a nasty fire. The Dragons couldn’t get out of their treehouse, burning alive inside.
So they burn Eddie alive. Their quest for vengeance is done. Their bodies lay at rest.
Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - All Hallows Eve - Fire Revenge

“The Man in the Suitcase”
Directed by David Bruckner
Written by Christopher Buehlman

Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - The Man in the Suitcase - StuckJustin arrives in the airport and after he looks up from his phone, it’s like everybody’s gone and things are about to shut down. The luggage carousel suddenly spits out his suitcase. He pulls it off and leaves. We see that his clothes have been removed, though. So what’s inside the suitcase now?
Poor Justin has problems. He isn’t exactly paying full attention to anything because his girlfriend Carla has left him for not being “motivated” and not really having anything going on in his life. He’d just gone home to beg his dad for money, and things at university clearly aren’t so hot, either. All he’s really doing right now is smoking weed, eating food, and watching porn. Not exactly motivational.

Suddenly, his suitcase moves. Justin hears someone talking as if from inside it. He thinks his roommate Alex is upstairs talking. But he quickly realises it’s a man in the suitcase. He opens it up and the guy’s all squat. He turns the guy’s head to hear him more clearly. “I offended someone I ought not have offended,” the man explains. He refuses a hospital because he says people will find him. Justin worries that someone will come to his apartment. The man asks to be removed, to see if he can walk on his own. Justin starts to try, and the man moans in pain. A coin pops from his mouth. Supposedly the guy has a condition that causes him to “create gold” when he’s in pain. This gives Justin a cruel idea, keeping the man in the suitcase for now. Maybe he can make some cash. This leaves him with nightmares of what might happen should the people looking for the man turn up.
Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - The Man in the Suitcase - Gold CoinAt a pawn shop, Justin shows the coin to a pawnbroker (Big Boi). The coin dates back to “the time of Abdul Amin the Second.” It’s a valuable little piece. The kid gets $275. He talks to Alex about it and they head over to his place. They run into Carla, who thinks Justin’s “a murderer” because she saw a hand hanging out of the luggage. This leaves Justin to explain what’s going on. Carla wants to get the guy out, so they try pulling him and coins begin popping from his mouth. Alex wants to get “fucking rich” out of this deal. He takes the suitcase to the stairs and kicks it over, coins spilling everywhere.
They decide to keep him for 48 hours.

They torture the hell out of the man. Coins spill constantly. The trio get filthy rich off the sad guy’s pain. Carla and Alex start fooling around behind Justin’s back. And the three of them keep on using the man’s pain to get coins. The man says he’s on the verge of dying, though that doesn’t stop Alex or Carla. Justin is the only one with a tiny sliver of morality left. He ends up getting whacked in the head for it and topples down the stairs. Carla and Alex decide to go for “one last jackpot” before taking to the road. The man laughs at them— see, he isn’t only a man, he’s a Jinn, and they’ve run afoul of him. Carla and Alex will now be the ones locked in their own suitcases.
Lucky for Justin he survives. He now has the thanks of the Jinn, too.
Father Son Holy Gore - Creepshow - The Man in the Suitcase - The Jinn“The Man in the Suitcase” is easily Father Gore’s favourite segment of the series so far. Incredibly creepy! Just a wonderfully devilish entry in Creepshow. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

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