The Purge – Season 2, Episode 5: “House of Mirrors”

USA’s The Purge
Season 2, Episode 5: “House of Mirrors”
Directed by Christoph Schrewe
Written by Lindsey Villarreal

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Dirty Harry PackageWe start in Brazil at a travel agency. Two women are going to New Orleans for Purge Night. There’s a “Dirty Harry Package” for a trip, including professional bodyguards and everything. Interesting the distinction between “killing” and “Purging” to certain people. These ladies are planning a bachelorette party. Although not everybody going on the trip might make it back, apparently.
136 days left until the next Purge.

Back in Louisiana, Ryan’s got the shady bank guy ready to do his thing. He and Sara monitor him via surveillance elsewhere, hoping he won’t fuck up. A wrench goes into the plans when the guy can’t upstairs to the safe. The bourgeois couple have an itinerary for him, meaning he won’t be getting close enough to get a tracker inside.
At home, Marcus continues to dig into the Ivory Road. He gets some messages, one of which may potentially have more info for him. Out on the town, Ben and his girlfriend are on a double date with Andy and another girl. Andy can’t stop going on about the Purge, as if it’s like “listening to Bobby Sheridan.” The girls don’t dig him, whereas Ben relates to the psycho.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Weirdo AndyA flashback to 10 years ago shows us some insight into Esme’s life. She went to see her father, whose place was a mess. Her sister Sofia was younger and resentful of Esme after their mother’s death. She was also carting around a load of prescription medication in her purse. She obviously had problems. And then Esme found out her father was physically abusing Sofia. This made her feel guilty for leaving her sister there. Obviously more tragedy followed eventually.

Ryan and the crew are attempting a break-in to get a tracker on the safe. They’re somewhat concerned with Tommy’s dude bringing a gun along, which would bump the level of their possible crime— should they be caught— up to something serious. Sara and Ryan go upstairs looking for the safe, finding it waiting for them in an empty room. They plant the device. Doug gets trouble from security guards outside, and after he comes back from dealing with them he realises the rich couple are headed home. Tommy’s guy gets his face shot off, leaving Ryan and Sara stuck.

Ben tells Andy about killing the strawberry stand guy. He plays it off as a joke when his friend isn’t as thrilled as he’d expected. And then he stabs Andy to death. He sneaks out of the room, accidentally leaving his wallet behind. Great moment for a fire alarm to go off preventing him going back up to get it. He tries slipping in as the fire department arrive.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Bourgeois PaintingIn a parking garage, Marcus meets a guy named Albert. Maybe this man can start to offer him some clues. Things are feeling sketchier when, later, Albert turns up at the house looking for Marcus. He’s got a guy with a serious wound that needs attention. This is clearly how Marcus will get help with his search, though Michelle’s due home soon and that could complicate everything. She walks in the door to the messy scene. At that moment, Albert gives over what Marcus worked for, and then he’s gone. The name in the envelope is Sam Tucker. This prompts a revelation from Michelle. She tells Marcus she had “an affair” with Tucker. This has him paranoid again that his wife had something to do with him nearly being Purged. Regardless, the whole tangled situation almost got Marcus killed.

Before Ryan and Sara can make it out of the mansion they’re locked inside by the security system. The bougie couple and their bodyguard start suiting up with body armour and weapons from their personal armoury. It’s about to get extremely violent within these walls. “Youre not getting out alive,” the husband tells the crew in his home using the dead man’s walkie. Ryan and Sara are trapped. He suggests maybe they’ll call the cops. They do, and it gets them out alive. It also gets them arrested.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Dead AndyEsme meets with someone from the Foundation— a group working to dismantle the NFFA. She’s given over all the info about Olivia and everything else she’s uncovered. It may be a way to disrupt things. Or, it could be a good way to get killed. All Esme can think of is her little sister. On Purge Night, Sofia was nowhere to be found— she’d run away. And so Esme opted to leave her father out on the streets for the Purge with only a Hail Mary to protect him. She listened to him get murdered by a gang of maniacs.

Ryan and Sara are being transported by the cops when they’re taken off on an empty road. “This is how we die, isnt it?” Sara wonders aloud. They’re brought to meet their old boss from the police department. Ryan put a call in to her. She wants to get a cut in on the big job, or else they’ll get taken into custody. From the tall grass nearby, Doug shows up to rescue them. Only Ryan insists they’re making a devilish deal.

When Ben goes back for his wallet he finds it. Though Andy’s corpse is gone.
Andy is alive. Well, he was for a while longer until he died in the elevator for all to see.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - No More FaceFather Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Andy's DeadA crazy chapter, upping the ante all around, plus deepening some character backstories.

“Happy Holidays” is next time.

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