The Purge – Season 2, Episode 6: “Happy Holidays”

USA’s The Purge
Season 2, Episode 6: “Happy Holidays”
Directed by Jen McGowan
Written by Nina Fiore & John Herrera

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Urge2Purge AppBobby Sheridan is on his talk show going on about the recently killed student, Andy, and mentions of the girl also killed on campus, stalked by a masked killer, and the strawberry stand man who supposedly buried himself after getting heatstroke. He’s talking about whether someone is “killing offPurge.” A young woman there as a guest suggests it’s Purge policy creating more violence. The older woman’s suggesting American needs a “good old fashioned cleansing.” Yikes! Afterwards, the three of them look at the Urge2Purge app, showing exactly how many people are dying to kill you. A measure of success!

Ben gets questioned by police about Andy’s murder. He doesn’t have an alibi to get him off the hook and he appears suspicious. The cops clearly know he’s “hiding something” and acting nervous. Ben claims he’s smoked weed to relax, that’s why he passed out, and he didn’t want to say anything because it’s a “Level Y” offence. He makes up a sob story, acting perfectly innocent. Of course it gets him out of hot water. At the same time there’s footage of him in the God mask stalking the campus, and the whole place is riled up.

We see Esme hasn’t given up her search for answers about Prof. Adams or Olivia, either. She has to keep in mind all the surveillance everywhere around her as she does her own personal investigation. She may have a lead, so he calls Darren and he wants to meet. Elsewhere, Ryan and his crew, along with their shitty boss Andrea, are planning the big heist. They’re at a disadvantage because Andrea was the one to catch them in an off-Purge home invasion, leaving them at her will.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Dirty Cop Andrea

“You’re nobody in America
unless somebody wants to Purge you.”

Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Michelle and Marcus MooreMarcus is attempting to get past Michelle’s infidelity, simultaneously worrying about his life while this dude Sam is out there roaming around. He doesn’t know what to think. She wants to help fix things, given her affair has this psycho trying to have her husband murdered. But Marcus has already used his wife’s phone to get Sam— who’s brought his wife— to their house, preparing to solve things his own way. They all sit down and get talking honestly about the affair. Sam’s wife April knows everything. Marcus reveals it was him who set this in motion, hoping it’ll spill the beans about what Sam has really been up to since the cheating.

When Esme meets Darren she sees he’s being watched closely. They communicate without saying too much, and she’s off quickly in a worry that there are eyes on her. And there are, indeed. She rushes into the street to get away from a man close behind her. She even dodges getting shocked with a Taser. Back at the Surveillance Centre, Esme’s co-workers and boss are all keeping watch on her, supposedly having committed an “act of treason.” Private cell cameras are now weaponised by the NFFA to help them track her. However, she knows their blind spots, and thankfully back at the office Vivian is doing what she can to help her friend avoid detection, though she can only do so much. Soon, they’re tracking Esme closer.
Where will she go? She barges her way into Ryan’s hideout, pretending to be there on official NFFA business. The real NFFA aren’t far behind. So Esme asks for the cop-cum-bank robber’s help. She tries making a fast deal, going so far as to blackmail him into helping out a “good person.” Ryan lets the authorities in, hiding his new friend. She then becomes part of his crew.

The truth comes out when Marcus and Michelle confront Sam about his “Purge contract.” April is devastated, but he plays dumb. All the info is there on the dark web, which Marcus shows to April, wanting things to be settled— he’s brought out the gun, and his wife is willing to help with the duct tape. Oh, my. Michelle wants to help protect her husband, because, if not, he could die next Purge Night. Sam continually claims he didn’t do anything. He says Michelle wanted to Purge her husband. They made a joke in bed one time. Yiiikes! It’s all driving Marcus to violence, threatening to burn Sam’s face off if he won’t admit to what he’s done. It gets the truth. Marcus tells him to take the hit off him, or else he’ll put one out on his “entire family.”
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Ryan and Esme.pngBack home, Ben’s brought girlfriend Kelen to meet the family, including mom and big brother Logan. They get talking about the killer on campus. Logan has a big mouth, ragging on little bro. Not a good idea seeing as how Ben has been having a real hard time with his PTSD post-Purge, and, y’know, considering he’s becoming a cold-blooded murderer. Makes Ben snap a little. That night, he takes some time to go out and burn his killer’s costume. He doesn’t burn the God mask, and Kelen finds it later.

Sam isn’t the only person who took the hit out on Marcus. He was just a contributor to the fund. All of a sudden, the neighbourhood feels scarier. Everyone is a suspect. There could be any number of people living around the Moores who’d want him dead. Maybe the entire neighbourhood’s responsible. “They all did it,” says Marcus.
But why?
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - God MaskWhat a wild ride so far this season. Only getting weirder and wilder, too.
“Should I Stay or Should I Go” is next.

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