The Purge – SEASON 2 FINALE: “7:01am”

USA’s The Purge
Season 2, Episode 10: “7:01am”
Directed by Tim Andrew
Written by Krystal Houghton Ziv & Nick Zigler

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* Will we get a Season 3? Stay tuned.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge Season 2 Finale - Ethan Hawke as James SandinAt the NFFA Surveillance Centre, 1 week before the inaugural national Purge, everything was ready to go in New Orleans. Everyone in the administration was preparing to see what would happen, making sure all the necessary security precautions were put in place. A few glitches still needed working out. One man had to get in contact with none other than James Sandin (Ethan Hawke). He was trying not to look stupid in front of his boss. A bit of irony, given we know what happened to Sandin’s home during The Purge, when James tells the guy he uses the same security system to protect his own family: “Youve got nothing to worry about.”

Only 3 hours left to the current Purge Night.
Ryan and his crew keep an eye on the Jackals, who aren’t keeping up their end of the deal. This wasn’t exactly unanticipated. Ryan keeps waiting on word from Esme, but they’ve got enough to worry about tonight to keep their hands full. The crew are soon on the road again in search of the rival gang. Elsewhere, Marcus, Andre, and Tonya are navigating the horrors of the Purge to try and get Michelle medical attention. When they get to the triage centre, there are many in need, and don’t forget— Ben hitched a ride.

In the server room, Esme’s finally got a glimpse of what really happened to Olivia, off-Purge, seeing footage of armed soldiers enter through the back of the dead woman’s house. Another bit of evidence to potentially help fight the New Founding Fathers’ tyranny. Esme meets Vivian downstairs, telling her she transferred the file to the broadcast room, where she plans to get the footage to the world. This could be disaster for her. But she’s willing to do whatever’s necessary. Vivian will do anything she can to help her friend, though she isn’t as inconspicuous as needed.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge Season 2 Finale - Paola Nunez as Esme CarmonaAt the triage centre, Michelle will get the help she needs. Marcus is putting his doctor skills to work, along with the help of an eager med student. He works fast to make sure his wife survives her brutal injury. The nurse is left caring for her while Marcus then gives what help he can to the other medical professionals trying to save lives on Purge Night. All the while Ben lurks around those many vulnerable people.

Tommy traps the Jackals with a burning bus, giving Doug and Sara the chance to ram the gang’s Hummer. Ryan and Tommy flank either side, the former slipping underneath the vehicle to plant a device in the undercarriage. Problem being that Purge Night brings the crazies out everywhere, and the crew have to fend off people out hoping to release the beast on anybody in their path. They manage to stay alive and blow the doors on the Jackals’ rig to get their hands on their jackpot.

In the stairwell, Esme and Vivian are confronted by their boss, Curtis. He has them at gunpoint and Esme attempts to tell him about the truth of what happened to Prof. Adams and Olivia. He eventually lowers his weapon, allowing the women to continue on their mission. Although his sceptical face doesn’t bode well. He goes to shoot Esme when Vivian jumps in front of the bullet, taking a couple himself. “Just tell everyone,” Vivian insists before giving over her credentials.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge Season 2 Finale - Ryan Fights a PurgerRyan refuses to leave Esme, hearing a “hit squad” is on their way to take her out. He’s going to the NFFA Surveillance Centre, refusing to let his team follow. He urges them to stay, and they tell him they’ll wait as long as possible. Tommy promises his longtime pal he’ll look after the other’s mother should the worst happen. And off Ryan goes, the folk hero he is, to help another modern folk heroine. He makes it to the centre, heading for the broadcast room, where there’s a group of soldiers hunting Esme. STELLAR ACTION SEQUENCE HERE! Ends perfectly with Esme and Ryan meeting among the gunfire.

Things in triage get scary when a doc goes missing. Marcus searches everywhere for the man, only to discover a bunch of nurses and the doc slaughtered, lying in a bloody pile. The young med student tries warning him, but he gets locked in there with a slashy Ben holding a crimson scalpel. The killer’s concerned with the “rightful kills” of Purgers being taken from them. So Marcus and Ben face off in close quarters, until the doctor gets a syringe full of sedatives into the maniac.

At the broadcast room, where we saw the opening sequence, Ryan purposefully locks himself outside and Esme inside, to make sure he can do whatever he’s able to slow down the soldiers headed their way. This might give her more time to keep broadcasting the truth to the world. Then come the men with guns, engaging in a firefight with Ryan. Esme begins to broadcast to the people: “The Purge doesnt work.” She tells them all about Prof. Adams and her research, revealing everything the NFFA has been doing. Outside, Ryan’s gunned down in front of Esme.
And as the Purge ends, a civil war just might be brewing.
Can what Esme’s done affect change? She’s taken into custody, then she’s murdered in cold blood. But her words will last forever.

Two months later in Panama we see Tommy and the others relaxing.
Elsewhere, Darren and others have gathered together to resist the tyranny of the NFFA. What Esme did was not forgotten— her own sister Sofia has joined the movement, refusing to let the fight die. Marcus, Tonya, Andre, and Michelle are there, as well. They’ve seen the damage the Purge can do. A civil war is most definitely going to begin. Out there somewhere, Ben is still alive, and he’s hoping to keep on releasing that beast. There are two sides, indeed.
Which side of history will everyone come out on?
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge Season 2 Finale - I Am GodFather Son Holy Gore - The Purge Season 2 Finale - ResistAn incredible season finisher, on top of an already excellent season. This one improved on an already solid Season 1, bringing more to life in the universe of Purge Night. Nice to see Hawke return. And even if there’s no Season 3, this is a spectacular finish to the series that could stand alone. All the same, Father Gore would love to see a Season 3 where the people rise up against the government, and also face backlash from those who feel it’s their right to Purge.

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