The Walking Dead 10×12: “Walk With Us”

AMC’s The Walking Dead
10×12: “Walk With Us”
Directed by Greg Nicotero
Written by Eli Jorné & Nicole Mirante-Matthews

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Judith's SwordThe assault on Hilltop continues as zombies make their way through the gate after it’s breached. Carol fires arrows from up top with others while Daryl, Aaron, and many more fight on the ground. The Whisperers haven’t yet fully infiltrated the place, but it’s utter chaos regardless with people fighting tooth and nail, including Mr. Dixon swinging his morning star. Fires rage and smoke fills the air, too. Ezekiel’s taking the children out when he realises Judith isn’t with him. Little Ms. Grimes is busy slicing and dicing with her sword, when she comes upon a human she’s cut down before Early gets her out of there.

People on the front lines are desperately attempting to keep the zombie horde back. It’s of little use and Hilltop’s quickly overrun. And now the Whisperers have crossed the community’s threshold along with the walkers.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Zombie HeadsOut in the fields, Negan’s roaming looking like Leatherface with Lucille freshly bloodied. He keeps forgetting not to fully kill people, so they can become new Guardians for the Whisperers. Either way he’s on board here. That doesn’t mean “Frowny McTwo Knives” a.k.a Beta is sold on his presence, even if Alpha wants the guy around.
Negan’s put to use gathering walkers for a new horde. He doesn’t have much time for it. He’d rather swing his bat and hit a few home runs. In the woods he sees Lydia limping through the trees and then runs into Aaron as he follows. Oh, shit! Negan tries to tell Aaron it isn’t what it looks like— is he really trying to pull a long game on Alpha, or is it merely an excuse? Regardless, Aaron’s got walkers to deal with, and this allows Negan to rush off after Lydia again.

While on the road Mary gets to hold her nephew, after Alden finally relents, and she’s able to calm the child from crying more. It’s understandable why Alden was reluctant, because Mary was, until very recently, named Gamma. Like so often happens on The Walking Dead, occasionally enemies can become friends. That wall of death and nihilism in the post-zombie apocalypse can sometimes give way to better things. Also, Mary feels deep guilt about her sister, and you can feel she genuinely wants to get away from Alpha and the Whisperers. She, Kelly, Alden, and the baby find themselves overcome by walkers, and she helps get them inside a vehicle before drawing the dead away by herself. More evidence of her desire to change.
When she kills the zombies she’s blindsided by a knife in the gut from Beta. She fights against him, ripping off part of his mask. But he runs her through with his knife, looking to make her a Guardian. Another Whisperer comes by and sees Beta’s face, recognising him— from where? No chance to learn any more when Beta kills him. Tragic to see Mary reanimate as one of the undead who’ll walk among Alpha’s horde. From afar, Alden shows Mary mercy by putting an arrow between her eyes.

A good bit of news? Magna’s been found again. The bad news? Connie got separated from Magna, as well. Carol is feeling serious guilt for her part in the whole cave incident. She’s basically walking away from it and gets a punch in the face from Yumiko, whereas Magna isn’t particularly holding anything against her. Carol goes on her own and Eugene checks on her after taking a “cherry cheesecake like that to the kisser.” She confides in him about her failures, which he understands very well, given how he lied to Abraham and everyone else once upon a time. He tells her about his upcoming meeting with his radio pal that he can no longer attend due to the chaos. She advises: “Just go to her.”
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Thora Birch as Mary

“You will walk with us”

Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Ryan Hurst as BetaEarl and the kids are hiding out together while Ezekiel is in the wind someplace. He’s NOT looking good. Did the old guy get bitten in the fight? He’s doing what he can to keep the children at ease, but Judith may need to pull out that blade again to put him down if he turns soon. The girl quickly finds Earl alone with a bite in his arm. She offers to stay with Earl so “hes not alone when it happens.” However, he just wants Judith to keep the kids safe from him. Meanwhile, Daryl, Rosita, and others are searching for the kids when they find they’re not with Ezekiel at the rendezvous point. JUDITH IS SO MUCH LIKE HER FATHER!!! She only wants to help, even if it means putting herself in danger. Earl puts himself out of his misery with a railway spike once she leaves. Except he’s not totally dead when Judith returns.

The others find Ezekiel, then go looking for where Earl brought the children.
Daryl, Jerry, and Ezekiel arrive right then and find the kids. Daryl goes further inside where Judith had to struggle to survive against zombified Earl. She’s a warrior, but what kind of toll does such a life take on a young person like her? She wasn’t only killing zombies this time. She had to kill someone she knew, someone for whom she cared.

Negan’s brought Lydia back to her people, ready to see her mother again.
He and Alpha have a personal chat. He opens up about his sick wife, before the “meat lovers” came around. He says he stopped feeling emotion after she died. He took that and turned it into a strength as being “dead to this world,” which works well in the post-zombie apocalypse wasteland. Negan does feel emotion again, though. And he wonders if Alpha really has to kill her own daughter.
Negan hasn’t brought Lydia back to Alpha. Lydia’s someplace else.
He’s brought Alpha there to cut her throat. HE WAS PLAYING THE LONG GAME!!! Is this how Negan makes himself a part of our survivors’ group once and for all? Is it how he redeems himself in their eyes? He’s brought the head back to Carol, who says: “Took you long enough.” SHE’S BEEN PLAYING THE LONG GAME, TOO!!! Holy fuck.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Uncle Daryl and JudithNot only was the episode intense, we saw the death of a character I thought would stick around longer, as well as the death of a major villain. On top of everything, the twisty way Carol and Negan have come together is amazing, and I was holding out hope that he would eventually do something worthy of admiration. Amazing stuff! It’ll be very intriguing to watch the fallout with Beta. He’s going to bring the terror.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Dead Alpha Head“What We Become” is next and we finally get more Michonne again!

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