Hanna 2×03: “To the Meadows”

Amazon’s Hanna
2×03: “To the Meadows”
Directed by Eva Husson
Written by Paul Waters

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Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Terri, Carmichael, & LeoCarmichael’s hearing about the Passway incident. The company denies any responsibility, only saying the suspect was one of the trial subjects. They assume it was Moniqua, the girl whose identity Hanna used to get into the trial. Police are swarming the Passway facility, so Carmichael has to make sure they get that shipment of drugs out before authorities get their hands on it. When it comes to Moniqua it looks as if Sonia’s going to be put to work. Sonia gets talking with Moniqua, finding out about the girl who took her things. This, plus Clara’s cut out implant, starts to get Carmichael thinking. So they give Moniqua a lineup to look at and she identifies Hanna.

When Marissa calls in sick to work she gets wind that Sonia has done the same, curious as to why. She and Hanna are hiding out somewhere else together. She patches the girl up and wants her to talk, so Hanna hands over the Passway drug implant, telling Marissa about the Meadows. Hanna feels guilty and wants to find Clara, obviously. Marissa says it’s impossible. The young super soldier suggests they do it as a team. They’d better hurry, too. Carmichael’s only giving Leo and Terri two days to get Clara back on track, or else… you can imagine what’ll happen.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Mireille Enos as Marissa WieglerHanna’s at Passway while Marissa’s at home getting a new identity and passport for Clara. Marissa gives Sonia call, as well. She traces the woman’s phone, attempting to get them in the same place for a coffee. She finds Sonia’s currently in Belgium. At the pharmaceuticals lab, Hanna snags herself a passkey, sneaking inside once again. She picks up a magazine about Passway in the lobby, looking at the bio of Louis Dumont, the contact Carmichael spoke to earlier. Marissa texts, telling her they’ve got to get moving quick. The young assassin first has to get out of the building undetected. In the parking garage, she sees Dumont’s car but finds his keys missing at the valet station. She grabs another set of keys and gets into another car.

On the road, Marissa receives a call from Carmichael. He’s getting quite curious about where Hanna has wound up. He’s wondering whether Marissa has anything to do with it, though he doesn’t outright say anything. This makes her more nervous, especially when she can’t get Hanna on the phone. The young woman’s waiting in the parking garage when Dumont sets off a fire alarm inside to get the local cops out of his hair long enough for him to pack up some drugs. Hanna watches Dumont leave in his car, then tails him. She follows him to a diner, and sends the address to Marissa, who’s let her know that Utrax knows she’s alive. At the same time, Sonia’s picked up a match on CCTV through facial recognition, so she knows Hanna’s at the diner, too. Inside the diner, Hanna hears Dumont on the phone. The plan is to hand the drugs off to a trucker.
At the same moment Hanna’s on Dumont’s heels, she has no clue that Sonia is right on hers with orders to take her in to Carmichael. She’s closely watching Dumont and the trucker when they notice her watching. He questions her, which then pushes Sonia off, right as Marissa turns up. And what’s Marissa do? Put a bullet in Sonia’s face. Done and done. You don’t fuck with Wiegler. She also pulls up playing the worried mom to Hanna’s Beatrice. They exchange a “fuck you” or two. After that they’re gone again.

Terri brings Clara a letter from Samira. It was written when Clara was born. It was meant to be kept until her “first mission” for Utrax. But the rules have been bent. Not because she’s special, as Terri makes it seem. Only because they’re on a limited timeline, and it’s either fix Clara or she’ll probably be executed like a horse being led to the glue factory. So, the young assassin opens the letter and reads the sweet words of her departed mother. It’s a painful moment, yet the bitterness is accompanied by a sweetness, because it’s at least a tiny piece of Samira that Clara can hold onto— the bitter part is that this could further indoctrinate the girl into the Utrax fam all over again. The final key to that may also rest with Sandy.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna

“She’s clinging onto something—
some pain she refuses to get rid of.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Sonia's GunCarmichael assumes it was Hanna who killed Sonia. He contacts Marissa, telling her he believes Hanna’s looking for the Meadows. He tasks her with finding the assassin. Hanna’s in the car while the two talk on the phone, finding Carmichael’s card in Marissa’s purse and noticing that they’re on the phone together. This leads the girl to automatically assume that Marissa is actually working against her. Shit. So she snaps her phone’s SIM card, then sneaks away when Marissa isn’t looking. She decides to hitch an impromptu ride on one of the trucks nearby. Marrisa tracks her to the truck but Hanna attacks and the two go fist against fist. She’s no slouch, though the young super soldier clearly has a leg up. “Im the only ally you have,” Marissa urges. That doesn’t stop the ass kicking that follows, as Hanna puts a chokehold on Marissa and knocks her unconscious. Although Marissa might not have been lying overall, she did make the mistake of lying about who was calling.

We discover that the Meadows is located in Dover, England.
Sandy and Clara have a meeting. Sandy tries to get ‘Clemency’ to take the “second chance” Utrax is giving her. She wants to help her new pal feel at home there, looking at Clara’s room, all the personal things attached to her fake identity. Simultaneously, Hanna’s got those passports, refusing to give up, and she’s following the drugs on their way down a wooded road where she’s found the Meadows. She sneaks in past the perimeter’s fence and sees the building in the distance. She stows away her stash of Canadian bills, then goes about getting a gun by knocking out an armed guard. From there, she hops the property’s stone wall and moves further towards the mansion. She makes quick work of more guards, grabbing yet another gun. She manages to get to the garden, where a bunch of the Utrax girls are acting like normal girls. She sees Clara, or ‘Clemency,’ with the rest. Clara catches a look at Hanna, but more armed guards swarm. All Hanna can do is drop her weapons quietly.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Hanna Chokes Out MarissaAn intense ending to a great episode. Didn’t expect that Hanna would fall back into the grasp of Utrax. Not at this point, anyway. Should be an interesting, adrenaline-fuelled ride from here because Marissa won’t sit by while Hanna’s with Utrax, and you can bet the young super soldier won’t sit around without making a fuss, either.

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  1. Phil

    Man, Sandy scares me. She is taking the whole thing with that virtual family of hers super serious. Which is really creepy.. The actress is great, though. Very authentic.


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