Hanna 2×07: “Tacitus”


Amazon’s Hanna
2×07: “Tacitus”
Directed & Written
by David Farr

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Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Hanna's Passway ImplantHanna removes her drug implant and dyes her hair all over again, cutting some off. She’s once more on the run from Utrax. She goes through a list of operatives, looking into Clara’s file further— it shows that Clara’s mother, Samira, married Abdul Elouassi in 2012 and they live in Alexandria, Egypt. And what about Clara? She’s still in Barcelona meeting a man in a garage, exchanging bags with him. Wonder what’s inside them. The guy tells her there’s a briefcase they’ll require. Is she still going after Tacitus a.k.a Robert Gelder? Looks like it, given that the bag she just picked up contains a gun for her to use.

Somewhere in the city, Robert meets with his daughter Kat. He tells her what little he can, explaining he has to leave suddenly. His daughter gets pissed off because he’s obviously obsessed with work. She just has no idea how deep this all runs. Back at Utrax, Carmichael’s keeping the pressure on to find Hanna. He’s literally sweating it out. He wants “Uncle Leo” back in Barcelona, ordering him to take Hanna out if she’s sighted. We get a glimpse of a memory showing Carmichael and Gelder looking like pals, so it seems the former’s taking this all a bit personally.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Dermot Mulroney as John CarmichaelSandy and Clara keep on living their fake lives in Barcelona. Sandy’s comforting Kat while Clara goes for coffee with her new friends. But Clara’s uneasy, and she feels a suspicious presence. So she follows someone— is it Hanna? She’s bringing a knife, too. Y’know, just in case. It is, indeed, Hanna. They meet in the stands of a stadium where Hanna tells Clara about Nicola. She asks if the next target is Gelder. Funny how Clara feels like she’s serving America. Even funnier that Hanna asks how can she serve America when she’s never even been there. She tells Clara that Samira’s still alive in Egypt. It’ll take more than that to break Clara free of Utrax’s hold, though. Definitely interesting that she doesn’t say anything about it all to Sandy. Later she receives a postcard with more info about her mother from Hanna. She goes online and searches the Alexandria Dentistry Association— the website displays her mom’s picture. Then she sends an email to Samira.

It seems as if Marissa’s being carted into the desert to be executed!
She offers the soldiers transporting her money to let her go. One of them laughs, calling her “Minnie Mouse.” Tough words for a guy who winds up getting shot seconds later, just prior to the driver. The vehicle goes sideways and crashes. A bloody Marissa nabs herself a gun and breaks through the back door. Waiting for her is a woman along with the Camp G guard who told her they’d free her. They take Marissa to a safe place and the woman tells her they worked with Stephen. The woman talks about the Utrax pioneers and what they’re planning to do, as well as what’s happening with Tacitus. Marissa’s proud to see that Hanna refused to complete the assassination on Nicola. Now they have to help Hanna stop Carmichael and Utrax from murdering Gelder.
Lots of moving pieces. Carmichael still looks like he’s losing his cool, big time.

At a restaurant, Sandy’s wormed her way into meeting Gelder while Kat goes for dinner with him. She excuses herself, leaving them alone, and calls Clara to get there ASAP. Hanna’s not far off keeping an eye on Sandy. Inside, Gelder tells his daughter that she needs to leave Barcelona because he’s in serious danger. He mentions Nicola being killed and the info he’s holding. It naturally doesn’t sit right with Kat and she defiantly walks out on dad. Simultaneously, Clara’s met with Sandy, who gives instructions to follow Tacitus after he leaves then kill him. When Clara’s by herself she gets interrupted by Hanna, urging not to kill Gelder. She thinks it’ll happen regardless. But Hanna only wants to stop Utrax. It’s everything Erik taught her to do. Clara drops off his trail, texting Sandy to claim she lost him.
It’ll be a real feat if Hanna can keep this from going to shit. Especially with Leo in town. He gently pushes Clara to finish the job on Gelder when he’s back at his hotel. “Just follow the training,” he says. Clara’s torn, going back to a computer so she can check whether her mother’s responded. Sandy is out at the club with Kat, slipping off with her friend’s phone to keep tabs on Papa Gelder. This gets her the location of his hotel.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Mireille Enos as Marissa WieglerHanna goes full force now and reveals the truth to Kat, showing her how Sandy stole her phone. She tells Kat to go back and trick Sandy about a high school from her fake hometown. It all proves to be true, but Sandy knows something’s not right. Kat rushes out of there and jumps into a cab with Sandy following fast behind. And Hanna jumps in front of a car, smashing off the windshield and stealing the thing when the driver gets out to check on her. One of the GREATEST car-stealing scenes of ALL-TIME! No question.

The jig is up for Tacitus with Leo overseeing things, all but ushering Clara right into the hotel. She goes upstairs with a key to Gelder’s room, slipping into another one where she prepares her gun and dresses as a hotel maid, complete with cart. At the same time, Kat’s arrived and goes straight for her father’s room with Sandy not far behind. Hanna also races up the stairs on foot.
Sinister but unsurprising: Carmichael orders Kat be killed, as well. Nasty.
Gelder hears the supposed maid knock on his door. He tries to refuse letting her in but she insists it’ll only be a moment. Kat gets there right before Clara can do anything. Then Sandy and Clara meet in the hall, briefly discussing the order to kill both of the Gelders. On the stairs outside, Hanna has to kill the Utrax operative before she can find out where to find Tacitus. She soon hears noise when she gets inside, as Sandy and Clara are holding the father and daughter at gunpoint, searching for the briefcase. It’s terrifying to see Sandy not in her nice girl routine. She orders Clara to kill Gelder. However, Clara flat out refuses. This prompts Sandy to take the gun, but Hanna comes in hot trying to save the Gelders. Sandy’s pushed into the bedroom where she shoots Tacitus and hops out the window. It brings back horrific memories for Hanna, watching her own father die in front of her. She can at least make sure that Kat isn’t killed now. Love how Hanna almost has a Terminator-esque line at the end: “My name is Hanna, and if you want to live, we go now.” Plus the killer use of “F.W.T.B. (Grandson remix)” by Yonaka.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Clara's Hidden GunA very intense penultimate episode before the Season 2 finale.
What’s going to happen: all out war, or can Hanna & Co. cut the head off the Utrax snake? It’ll be a wild ride, whatever goes down. This season has been a great improvement over an already excellent first outing. Let’s hope the season finale is going to kick all our asses.

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