Hanna— SEASON 2 FINALE: “The List”

Amazon’s Hanna
2×08: “The List”
Directed & Written
by David Farr

* For a recap & review of the penultimate episode, “Tacitus” – click here
* Will there be a Season 3?
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Esme Creed-Miles as HannaA man hears an injured girl calling from outside his house. He comes out and opens his gate to help her. It’s Clara, and the whole thing is a ruse. Hanna holds the man at gunpoint so they can all get themselves inside. The guy, Raoul, doesn’t even own the place. Kat’s rightfully not happy with Clara, who helped get her father killed. A little arguing gives Raoul time to try and fight, but Hana puts a stop to it fairly fast.

Carmichael’s still chasing down that list. The briefcase isn’t at the assassination scene. And that keeps ole Johnny sweating. Because he was the one who showed that list to Gelder himself, some time ago. In Barcelona, Uncle Leo goes to speak with Sandy, assuring her they’ll find the two rogue assassins soon enough. She feels guilty for having let things go wrong on her first mission.
At the house, Hanna levels with Kat about her own father getting killed by Utrax. Kat explains her father was concerned about a document and someone in Barcelona was meant to receive it. Clara tells Hanna about being charged with finding the briefcase. She thinks it was hidden, and that the man leaving the room before she got there— Bernat— had the list with him. Hanna’s gotta go back. And Marissa’s hopping on a flight.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Hanna in DisguiseAuthorities are sniffing around the university.
Sandy gets questioned and she plays her part perfectly. A bit later she sits back-to-back with Carmichael at an open air cafe. They chat about the current situation. Carmichael gets a few hints from the girl about where Clara and Hanna might’ve gone, specifically big empty houses up in the hills. Sandy’s angry, too. “That bitch screwed me over in there,” she tells Carmichael, not worried about what will happen to Clara. Afterwards, Carmichael tasks Leo with checking on the houses and Hanna passes the latter on the road when she’s heading back into the city. Back up at the house, Clara checks her email to see her mother’s responded. Samira says she’ll go anywhere to find her daughter. So Clara replies that she’s in trouble. Might not be smart with Terri monitoring everything possible online.

At her office, journalist Alba Paredes (Clara Segura) gets the fateful message Tacitus left her. Hanna goes back to the hotel— not far away, Marissa’s watching, though the woman she’s with phones Carmichael with the info that the girl’s there. She goes to a room and calls for Bernat to come up for a lost item. When Bernat knocks on the door he’s twisted up and pulled inside. He tells her that Alba’s meant to pick up the list from the briefcase. Hanna intercepts Alba and says the people who murdered Nicola are there. The journalist demands the list, right as Carmichael comes out of the elevator with a gun in hand. This sets off a firefight. When Alba goes for the list and tries to flee she’s shot in the head by Carmichael. Hanna manages to grab the list and slips away through the kitchen, taking Carmichael and his Utrax officers on a chase through the halls. She almost runs right into Marissa, who takes her out the back. When Hanna sees the woman Marissa’s with she recognises her from the operatives on the phone director. Marissa says it’s not possible, yet Hanna makes her quickly realise that the truth is ALWAYS deception when it comes from Utrax. A few more bullets exchanged, then both Marissa and Hanna escape in their own directions. What a great action sequence!

When Hanna looks at the infamous list there are names from all over the world, and every industry, from environmental campaigners to businessmen to journalists and musicians and activists and so on, all of whom are under 30, many under 20. This clearly horrified Gelder when Carmichael showed him the list. And it’s all meant to be carried out by people just as young.
In the city, Marissa tracks down Sandy looking for Clara’s location. Leo’s on the road when a house alarm goes off, which he gets a report about from Utrax base camp— surely this is the one Kat was told about by Raoul. Uh oh. It doesn’t take long for Clara to get on high alert. She forces Kat to tell the truth, that the alarm’s been set off. She throws Raoul out of there immediately, waiting to see what happens. Poor guy gets shot in the head by Uncle Leo coming to collect his girls. Inside, Leo calls Carmichael, who’s just arrived on the property. This pulls the noose tighter, forcing Kat and Clara to hide since they have no weapons on them. “No ones going to hurt you,” Leo tells Kat, asking her to come out so they can deal with Clara. She does, but Clara’s pulled a fast one, knocking Leo into the pool. The two wrestle in the water and Carmichael decides to just shoot. Leo rises to the top of the water dead.

When Clara surfaces she’s about to be shot when Hanna takes out the other Utrax agent and pumps a round into Carmichael’s shoulder. She, Clara, and Kat hop in the car but they’re stopped by more Utrax agents with guns at the top of the driveway. Perfect time for Marissa to arrive and do a LEGIT drive-by shooting on them. She’s shown the list and she takes a picture for a copy. She confronts Carmichael while the girls leave. She calls him a “true fucking believer” for his nasty list. What purpose will he serve Marissa after all’s said and done? She wants to use him to take down the Utrax pioneers.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Hanna Twisting Arms

“Do we really want to play this game?”

Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Kat and ClaraHanna and Clara get Kat to the airport then head back on the road again.
They stop for food and get a text from Marissa, to head back to the house. Clara doesn’t want go. She wants to go meet her mother, finally. Her friend, obviously, understands the impulse. Hanna gives Clara the Canadian passport and tells her to disappear with Samira once they’re together— they’re aided, unknown to them, by Terri, who chooses not to tell anybody else about the correspondence between mother and daughter online. What will she do? Hanna’s got work to do. “You leave me now forever,” she tells Clara before hugging her tight. Clara goes on to Morocco, where she and Samira see each other for the first time since they were separated those many years ago.
At the house, Hanna meets Marissa and Carmichael.
She asks them: “What now?” And I’m curious, too. Will there be a Season 3?
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Clara and Samira ReunitedIt’d be a shame if this amazing series ended now.
I’d love to see Hanna and Marissa take down the pioneers of Utrax. Wouldn’t you?
Maybe they could reunite all those lost, stolen girl with their real parents, too.

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