THE FIRST PURGE is a Dark Mirror of Current America

THE FIRST PURGE is the franchise's best, going back to the beginning to examine the Purge's origins in classism, racism, and inherent human violence.

The Purge – Episode 6: “The Forgotten”

Joe's backstory comes out. Jenna and Rick try to survive Purge Night.

The Purge – Episode 2: “Take What’s Yours”

Jane's story becomes clearer. Miguel fights through Purge Night in the streets to find more info on Penelope.

The Purge – Episode 1: “What is America?”

The annual Purge is about to commence. Are you prepared?

Make America Kill Again in THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR

Like a playbook version of Donald Trump's MAGA plan. Complete with Russian murder tourists. Prescient much?