Taboo – Episode 8

Will James Delaney make it onto the open ocean, & to America? Or will the Crown & the East India Company be his ultimate downfall?

Taboo – Episode 6

Up against the East India Company worse than ever, James finds his own worries pale in comparison to those of his half-sister Zilpha at the moment.

Taboo – Episode 5

When the duel at dawn between Thorne & James ends in an unexpected turn, Delaney soon finds himself in a worse position than before.

Taboo – Episode 2

As James Delaney's return settles on London, the man himself begins assembling a crew after purchasing a merchant ship at auction.

Taboo – Episode 1: “Shovels and Keys”

James Keziah Delaney returns from a mysterious life at sea, one that took him into Africa, as his father passes in London and a small war erupts over what's left in his wake.