[Fantasia 2020] TIME OF MOULTING: The Suffocating Gothic Weight of Traumatic Histories

A German house, circa 1970s. Time stands still. Can one damaged family shed the weight of history to move forward?

[Fantasia 2020] Michael Venus’s SLEEP: A Surreal Historical Reckoning

Michael Venus reckons with Germany's dark history and shows that the past is never so far behind us.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 5: “Shatter Like a Pearl”

Chester meets a POW in the jungle, who may be a yurei, while other Japanese Americans face bureaucratic humiliation in the camp.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 4: “The Weak Are Meat”

In the jungle with the U.S. Army, Chester begins to see the yurei may actually be following him.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 3: “Gaman”

Yuko takes a new victim, then sets her eyes on yet another.

Peaky Blinders – Season 5, Episode 3: “Strategy”

Aberama seeks revenge, while Tommy must forge an alliance with someone he loathes.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 2: “All The Demons Are Still in Hell”

After Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans are taken to the camps, and there the obake continue to haunt the community.

Strange Angel – Season 2, Episode 5: “The Hanged Man”

Jack invites the military into the Parsonage, where he allows his personal life to be seen with clear eyes.