VENOM: Socialism’s Accidental Super-Antihero

Eddie Brock and his new pal Venom aren't just a Marvel duo, they represent a lot of our (post)modern-day fears.

Peaky Blinders – Season 4, Episode 6: “The Company”

Bonnie and Goliath fight. Tragedy comes to Birmingham; what will Tommy do to save the family?

Peaky Blinders – Season 4, Episode 5: “The Duel”

Tommy has new plans. But then again, so does Luca; those involve Alfie Solomons.

Peaky Blinders – Season 4, Episode 4: “Dangerous”

Luca comes for another Shelby. Tommy must navigate more difficult personal situations, on top of the Italians trying to kill him and his family.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2 Finale

At Derby Day, Tommy sets his plans in motion, though not without casualties. Polly winds up confronting Major Campbell with brutal results.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 3

Polly's long lost son Michael becomes a part of the family. Maybe a bit too much for her liking.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 2

Tommy manages to keep himself alive. He gets back to London to speak with Alfie Solomons, and later writes a letter to Winston Churchill himself.

Taboo – Episode 8

Will James Delaney make it onto the open ocean, & to America? Or will the Crown & the East India Company be his ultimate downfall?