Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 16”

Dougie wakes up, but he isn't himself. In Twin Peaks, Audrey finally gets to go out dancing. Or does she?

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 12”

Agent Preston is inducted into the Blue Rose Task Force. In Twin Peaks, Sheriff Truman investigates Richard Horne.

Twin Peaks- Season 3: “The Return, Part 7”

Gordon Cole has Diane meet with the bad Coop, to get a read on whether he is actually Cooper. Meanwhile, Dougie gets a visit from the cops.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 6”

Coop continues life as Dougie, as Janey-E tries keeping her husband out of debt. But bad, bad people are after Dougie. Can Coop survive?

Lynch’s BLUE VELVET is Like Disturbing(ly Good) Literature

Lynch's film uses his surrealism through the absurd, burrowing to the underbelly of small town America & into the psychosis of a violent man.