Channel Zero – The Dream Door, Episode 2: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Jill's trying to figure out her own head, when Pretzel Jack strikes again, even closer to home.

Westworld – Season 2, Episode 8: “Kiksuya”

Akecheta of the Ghost Nation explains the tribe's history, and his own personal journey towards truth.

American Horror Story – Freak Show, Episode 7: “Test of Strength”

Stanley and Dell come together tenuously. The unthinkable happens to Penny at the hands of her father.

SOAKED IN BLEACH Exposes the Bullshit of Cobain’s “Suicide”

Soaked in Bleach. 2015. Directed by Benjamin Statler. Written by Donnie Eichar, Richard Middleton, and Benjamin Statler. Starring Tyler Bryan as Kurt Cobain, Sarah Scott as Courtney Love; featuring, as themselves, Tom Grant, Brett Ball, Max Wallace, and Norm Stamper. Daredevil Films. Rated PG. 100 minutes. Documentary/Drama/Crime. ★★★★★ Admittedly, even though I've always thought Courtney …

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