The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 6: “Always Accountable”

AMC’s The Walking Dead
Season 6, Episode 6: “Always Accountable”
Directed by Jeffrey F. January
Written by Heather Bellson

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Daryl RidingAnother episode keeping the group divided, “Always Accountable” begins with walkie talkie chatter between Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). They cruise down the road, even a little chummy in their disposition over the radio. Then out of nowhere, someone attacks them. Daryl ducks under fire over the road as Abraham and Sasha take fire in the car.
This tough crew are downright bad ass. After Daryl hits the pavement, some zombies descend upon him. He makes it out while Sasha and Abraham gun down men in the car chasing them. Separated slightly from his two friends, Daryl ends up collapsing on a forest road, ironically enough next to a corpse wearing a motorcycle helmet. Problem is, now he’s off on his own in the woods somewhere. He’s a little beat up after taking a skid on the bike with the trigger happy maniacs and zombies.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Melted BikerDaryl finds two women following him. Then a guy knocks him out. He’s taken captive at gunpoint. These people are fleeing some other group. In the face of possible death, Daryl doesn’t flinch. How many times before AND after the zombie apocalypse happened has he had a gun pointed in his face?
Too many to count.
When Daryl does make it away, he takes the trio’s army duffel bag. Once far enough he has to fend off a zombie, then realises the bag contains insulin. One of the women of the trio who took him captive seemed to have fainted right before Daryl ran. Will this affect his good conscience? Or has the new wasteland finally turned him off from having that conscience when danger’s too near?

On down the road, Sasha and Abraham scrawl DIXON on a door in case Daryl is trailing behind. They head inside an office building. First, Abraham finds a military man’s uniform decorated with medals, a family photo. You can see a part of his former self, in the good sense, flicker behind his eyes. Afterwards he and Sasha have a bit of a confrontation. Both of them talk about being in control. Each has had a good deal of mental strain over the past while, though, they’re sort of returning to themselves. Surprisingly, it’s Sasha— who at once wanted to basically die— who has her head on the straightest. In some sense, she does get through to Abraham.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Austin Amelio as Dwight

“Youre always accountable.

Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Abraham's CigarsDaryl finds himself in a bad situation going back to give the trio their bag. Into the forest rolls a huge truck and out come a group of armed men looking for the three people. In a moment of even further conscience, possibly to his own detriment, the backwater cowboy Dixon helps the people who once treated him harshly.
Off they run, hiding. Until Daryl draws one of the men into getting bit by a zombie. The truck and men withdraw, not wanting to pursue any further because “he only wants ass that’s willing, y’know?”— pretty ominous. Are we beginning to see slight introductions to a well-known character coming to the show later this season? Yes, indeed.

Abraham’s having his own trouble. He finds a box of cigars, plus a soldier hanging from a rooftop and knocked down fence. The soldier’s got an RPG strapped on his back. After a drawn out, tense scene, Abraham ends up watching the zombified man rip apart and fall. The RPG still hangs off the fence, at least. Bit suicidal, though— no? Abraham goes back inside with new optimism to “make some plays” to possibly know Sasha “a whole lot better.” Funny, cute moment between them.

Back with the trio and Daryl, things turn to terror. The young diabetic girl ends up being bitten once they return to a camp where they’d obviously once been. After they head into the forest, things seem fine. Daryl begins the recruitment process, asking the THREE QUESTIONS they used to ask new people on the road. He gets the sense the man, Dwight, is a good person after all. Except not long passes and the two of them turn on Daryl, taking his bike and crossbow. Alone in the woods, he’s vulnerable. Worse than when the episode began. Even so he comes to find a fuel company truck. For a moment when he pulls up to where Abraham and Sasha are staying, you think they’re in danger. We don’t even see Daryl, or the truck at first. Only the smiles on their faces.
As the episode closes, over the radio we here someone calling: “Help. Help.”
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Melted Glass Zombies“Heads Up” is next.
Will we soon find out about Glenn? Loving the anticipation.

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