CHILD’S PLAY 2: Capitalism Kills Families and People

Although it's too similar to the first movie and not as different as the third, CHILD'S PLAY 2 has its genuine slasher moments.

MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE: Biblical Murder and Mental Health Horrors

MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE's a mess. But a creepy one about the horrors of neglected mental illness.

Father Gore’s October Recommendations – Vol. 3: Slashers

Ten slasher recommendations worthy of your Halloween marathons this season

THE SLAYER Walks a Fine Line Between Art and Life

1982's THE SLAYER is a Video Nasty, and it's not amazing, but it's so much more, too.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP and the Horror of Enforcing Gender Roles

The endlessly unnerving SLEEPAWAY CAMP was more ambitious than other slashers, opting to take on psychological damage and gender roles.

URBAN EXPLORER: Confronting Germany’s Buried Nazi History

URBAN EXPLORER's not a good movie, but it has plenty of things to say about how we sometimes choose to hide the past rather than confront it.


One of the best intertextual horror films out there: a deconstructionist look at the slasher sub-genre.

Scream Queens – Season 2, Episode 6: “Blood Drive” FOX's Scream Queens Season 2, Episode 6: "Blood Drive" Directed by Mary Wigmore Written by Brad Falchuk * For a review of the previous episode, "Chanel Pour Homme-Icide" - click here * For a review of the next episode, "The Hand" - click here At the CURE Institute life goes on, though not exactly …

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