FX’s American Horror Story
Season 6, Episode 9: “Chapter 9”
Directed by Alexis Korycinski
Written by Tim Minear

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screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-1-53-11-amA few friends head out to see the Roanoke House. They trek through the woods to get to the home when the Blood Moon is at its peak. “Racism is scary, patriarchy is scary,” Sophie (Taissa Farmiga), the only girl of the trio tells her buddies, ruminating on what happened during Season 1 of My Roanoke Nightmare. Along the way they come across an injured woman – is that Sidney’s assistant? Indeed it is, and the three friends find her overturned car, as well as her inside again.
screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-1-55-32-amBack at the house, Dylan (Wes Bentley) is in the midst of all the madness when Lee (Adina Porter) and Audrey (Sarah Paulson) found him at the front door. All setup by Sidney, but of course he’s fucking dead. “Everybody is dead,” Audrey yells at him to try getting through Dylan’s head what’s happening is real. We find out Dylan was part of Seal Team Ten, having served in Afghanistan. That’s an asset. He isn’t happy knowing Monet (Angela Bassett) is still being held by the Polks. Luckily, these three decide sticking together is their best option.
We find out that the other trio from before wanted to get footage and pictures for a fan website, Army of Roanoke. Here we’re seeing the other side of fame, those obsessed with shows and looking for fame themselves while there was Agnes (Kathy Bates) whose want for fame led her to outright murder.
Dylan reluctantly heads to hotwire a vehicle, as Audrey finds Monet and Lee goes for the tapes. Once the truck starts things go bad. Dylan gets stabbed viciously, though Audrey and Monet get away from the Polks, sans Lee. Worse still the Blood Moon has risen and the ghosts of the Lost Colony have come back once more. Their torches burn in the distance as the women go on the run again.
Again, in the house, Monet and Audrey turn on the video camera from the Polks – Lee admits to having killed her husband, in the confessional to her daughter; WOW, I didn’t actually expect that. Christ.



With the eerie omen in the sky, those three Army of Roanoke geeks – Sophie, Milo, and Todd – head back to the cursed land. Just like the cops told them not to, and normally I wouldn’t say you ought to listen to cops full stop. But this time? Yeah, might’ve been a good idea. Particularly once they come across a crazed Lee, having already been initiated into the terror of the Blood Moon. She kills Todd, sending the other two running. A very Blair Witch Project feel starts here, along with the homage of the stick figures in the trees that we’ve seen before. The pair come across the trailer where Sidney and his cameraman still lay butchered. Locked in the control room they find the cameras with everybody murdered, or most everybody. They see Monet and Audrey, alive and well. Everything’s surreal, almost hyperreal. They’re in the show now. Sort of. So strange. Then they see Lee is headed back to the house in her trance-like state.
Sophie convinces Milo to go with her so they can head off Lee. Unsuspecting, in the dark, Audrey and Monet sit having a drink. Great timing, ladies. Then Lee arrives, mumbling strangely to herself before telling them: “You dont belong here. Your vile presence defiles this sacred ground.” This starts a nasty mouthful from Monet before she’s pushed over the staircase railing, crashing bloody to the floor down below. Holy shit. Audrey goes head to head with Lee and fights her off, making a run for it. Yes, kick some ass, girl! At the same time Sophie rushes for the house, Milo wanting to turn back.
Lee finds Audrey and stabs her, kicking her down into the cellar in the woods. She ain’t dead, but good lord that’s got to hurt. Outside the house Milo and Sophie see The Butcher and her Lost Colony disembowel Dylan. Nasty.


We see raw images from Todd’s iCloud account. The Butcher and her ghosts take Milo and Sophie, rounding them up. They’re to be sacrificed. To renew the soil with blood. They’re both impaled on pikes, soaked with gas, and lit like pyres.
The next morning police rush to the Roanoke House where they discover a complete massacre. The burned bodies. Dylan’s gutted corpse. A bloody butcher’s knife. Monet impaled inside, Dominic cut to pieces upstairs.
And they also find Lee. Alive and covered in blood, screaming. Oh, if they only knew. But wait: what about Audrey? “Get me out of this hell,” Lee wails to the police. Then Audrey crawls, nearly broken, from out of the cellar. She sees Lee, pretending as if nothing happened. She grabs hold of the cop’s gun helping her, and before killing Lee the other officers blast her away. Dead and gone. Another whoa moment.


This was a truly wild episode. They’ve all been pretty great this season, although this might take the cake. Never expected some of the twists.
Now all that remains is the finale – what to expect from Chapter 10?


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