Preacher – Season 2, Episode 13: “The End of the Road”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 2, Episode 13: “The End of the Road”
Directed by Wayne Yip
Written by Sam Catlin

* For a recap & review of the penultimate Season 2 episode, “On Your Knees” – click here
Pic 1We see Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), but ages ago, as a young man. Drinking beer and kicking around in a white suit not quite big enough for him. A woman comes by asking about Marie L’Angell. The kid sells the whole experience of Angelville, the old hustle he learned from grandma at an early age.
One guy turns up looking for “the Tombs.” Wanting to “see some blood.” But the kid doesn’t entirely understand. He’s smart, though. Clearly there are things he doesn’t, at this point, totally understand. Either way, he’s a part of a criminal operation. The family business. And the guys to whom he pays money don’t abide any stealing, either. A lot of lessons learned quick, early. We also see his temper, too. Not good, even then.
What’d we expect? His family’s one fucked up tree. At least there was a sign back then that he had a conscience. Plus, some of those things he learned are probably why his faith keeps holding strong, perhaps stubbornly so at times. Speaking directly to the place in which he finds himself today.
Pic 1AHerr Starr (Pip Torrens) is making Jesse into the Messiah, presenting him to the world. He’s even put a nice cape on him for the reveal. The preacher isn’t interested, he doesn’t want to be that type of leader. He’s starting by talking to a bunch of Catholic school kids. Starr records on his iPhone while the new Messiah preaches to the children and their Mother Superior (Sharon Garrison).
A bunch of Armenians with guns arrive. Just in time for Jesse to go into heroics mode, the gunmen busting in on them. He tries using Genesis, though it doesn’t work. He has to use his old school fighting skills instead. Prompting a wild fight. Proving the guy doesn’t always need supernatural powers to do a bit of ass kicking. A truly awesome fight sequence! One of the show’s best to date. All while George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” plays. Rock on, baby.
Of course the recording gets Jesse on Jimmy Kimmel. He’s trending on Twitter. All that good shit. The preacher doesn’t like that it was a setup, blanks in the guns, actors posing as Armenians. Starr’s adamant he’s only building a brand, “name recognition” and the like. Lots of work to do
Jesse: “I didnt sign up for this shit!”
Starr: “Spoken like a true messiah
At the apartment, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) finds more and more evidence his son Denis (Ronald Guttman) is going vampire mad in the streets of New Orleans. Furthermore, he finds a group called Les Enfants du Sang, the Children of Blood, who are out feeding on people brutally. Essentially the total opposite of himself as a vampire. Just by the look on his face it disturbs him deeply. Unintentionally, he’s let loose a monster through the act of trying to spare his son from dying a painful death. Moral knife in the gut. Might as well smoke some crack.
Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.40.55 AMWell, later on Tulip (Ruth Negga) gets back from impromptu robbing a store. Then she and Cassidy start hooking up again. Which I don’t dig. I mean, I know Jesse’s not been attentive lately. But it isn’t cool that these two are going behind his back like that. She could just be done with Jesse, fully, if she wanted. Rather than that she’s in bed with the vamp.
EXCEPT IT’S ONLY CRACK DREAMS! Thankfully. Except it makes me wonder exactly what’s going on in Cassidy’s mind. Not only did he hallucinate them hooking up, he tore her neck open and sucked on her jugular a bit. That doesn’t spell a good psychological state.
What about the state of Eugene (Ian Colletti)? He and Hitler (Noah Taylor) have escaped through the hatch out of Hell. They find themselves running through a vast forest, green trees everywhere, plantation-style ruins turn up through which they climb further into another large, wooded area. At the edge is a lake, Charon stands with a boat to usher those who don’t belong in Hell across. To the other side.
When Eugene follows the instructions, he’s pointed to a light way out on the horizon. Charon’s the ultimate decider, who gets to cross the lake. The superintendent arrives, not allowing him to leave. Charon is killed. God’s dead, there are no more rules. Luckily, Adolf is still there to make sure the kid gets away.
Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.54.49 AMPreparing for their trip to sunny beaches, Tulip finally stumbles across the cameras put up by the Grail operatives, realising Starr’s watched them the entire time they’ve been in New Orleans. Both Cassidy and Tulip aren’t just worried about the spying, they both masturbated near that camera, goddamn it! A true invasion of privacy.
Cassidy must also do the unthinkable: he throws his son into the daylight, letting him burn alive as Denis screams for “Papa” in pain. Before Cassidy and Tulip leave, she goes upstairs to say goodbye to Lara (Julie Ann Emery). And things get tense. Before one of them gets a shot off first. But who, exactly?
So, after all their kampf, Hitler is now in the real world with Eugene. Back on Earth once more. Only he isn’t happy with normal life. He runs off into traffic. From Hell back to the world of the living. Our boy’s unleashed one of the worst genocidal maniacs in human history. Good job, dude. Likely all a part of Hitler’s ultimate plan.
Jesse gets word something bad’s happened. At the apartment he discovers Tulip bleeding out on the floor, shot, Cassidy trying to stop the blood. Neither of them knowing the ambulance called has been cancelled by Starr. They decide on taking her to the hospital themselves. But the situation’s getting grim, worse by the second.
When Genesis won’t work anymore, the vamp wants to bite her. This prompts an all-out fight between the two friends, tooth and nail. Then they both realise if they don’t do SOMETHING, she will die right there. Jesse won’t let him bite her, though. The two men have to sit there and watch as she bleeds out slow.
Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.15.04 AMScreen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.18.55 AMWhat’s next for the remaining two? They’ve got Tulip’s body in the backseat of the car, taking her someplace else. Cassidy says he hates Jesse. Although the preacher says: “Just you wait.” Because now they’re back in Angelville, after all these years. A cock running free along the grass. Could it be the same one he had grandma bring back to life years ago? That’s most definitely his plan for Tulip. An undead type of thing, y’know.
Oh, and there’s also God. He’s hanging out in a sleazy motel room, binging on dirty movies, Dr. Pepper, and who knows what else. Still hiding out, on sabbatical.
Let’s see what Season 3 will bring. ‘Cause I’m ready to roll, mama!

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