Trapped – Season 2, Episode 1

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RVK’s Trapped
Season 2, Episode 1
Directed by Baltasar Kormákur
Written by Clive Bradley & Sigurjón Kjartansson

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Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Brother and Sister Burn AliveIn Reykjavik, a man lights himself on fire while holding onto the Minster of Industries, Halla (Sólveig Arnarsdóttir), right outside the parliament building. The man dies, but Halla manages to make it out alive, severely burned.
Andri Ólafsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson)— now a member of the Reykjavik police force— is soon on the scene in the aftermath. He discovers the deceased man, Gisli, was the minister’s “twin brother.” They start looking through the man’s vehicle and find some protest flyers marked Iceland Unite, from a group named Hammer of Thor.


Halla’s nephew, Vikingur (Aron Már Ólafsson), is told about what happened on the job site where he works. He’s informed his father’s dead. He’s comforted by co-worker Ebo (Kingsford Siayor). Are they only work buddies? There’s a “special relationship” according to Ebo’s asshole boss, Finnur (Guðjón Davíð Karlsson).

Aside from police work, Andri still has his ex-wife Agnes (Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir) around, and they do their best to raise the kids between them. Unfortunately their daughter, Þórhildur (Elva María Birgisdóttir), is living up north with her aunt and having behavioural troubles. She doesn’t much care to talk to her parents, only when necessary. She does bond with one of Gisli’s nephews, Aron (Stormur Jón Kormákur Baltasarsson), over their fucked up families.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Iceland UniteAndri has to go north himself, back to his old stomping grounds where the protest by Hammer of Thor is planned. He heads back, where he’s picked up at the airport by Hinrika (Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir) like old times. A new aluminium plant’s being built on the outskirts of town. Not everybody’s happy about it, either.
Back in town, Andri starts asking around about the minister’s brother, Gisli. Nobody thought he would’ve done something so drastic, despite recently having his property confiscated. Gisli had it rough— his wife took up with his brother, then his farm went “down the drain.” Andri and Hinrika look through his old place. While there, they experience a mini earthquake. Hinrika says it’s been happening since the drilling for the plant started. They find a bunch of the sheep in the barn dead. That’s when Vikingur turns up angry at the cops for having evicted his father. Andri talks to the young man about his father and their family, though the son doesn’t seem to know much, grieving over the violent death of Gisli.

A friend of Gisli’s named Ketill (Steinn Ármann Magnússon) turns up outside, where Asgeir (Ingvar Sigurdsson) is by himself, and starts shit with his sons and a group of others, grabbing the cop’s radio and keys. At the same time Andri and Hinrika are talking with the ex, Ketill and his crew take all the dead sheep and bring them into town, dropping them in the public square. Ketill rages about poisoned land sold “to foreign corporations like its a cheap whore.” It’s the working class against capitalists in this little Icelandic town.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Dead Sheep in BarnFinnur’s brother-in-law to Gisli and doesn’t have much good to say about the deceased, though he shows up with Gisli’s brother to shut the whole thing down at the square. He’s released without any charges for the confrontation. Then Andri and Hinrika speak to Ketill, who’s not what you’d call forthcoming. He refers to “The Saga of Gisli,” one of the Sagas of Icelanders, trying to say Gisli did what he did “in the name of justice.”
Question is, will others do the same? Ketill says yes.

Vikingur is devastated over his father and finds comfort in Ebo, who tries to assuage him of the guilt he feels. The son believes he failed his father. At the same time, he and Ebo have trouble being together because of bigoted attitudes in their small town. Ebo tells Vikingur about Finnur threatening him over their secretive relationship. During their talk, they’re also seen on a security camera. Will this come back to haunt them?
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Dead Sheep ProtestAndri doesn’t have much luck reconnecting with his daughter. He’s given a bed at Hinrika’s place, at least. He sits for dinner with her and Bárður (Guðjón Pedersen). He spends the night flicking around his girl’s social media, worried what she and Aron are up to and generally stressing out about having a typically rebellious teenage daughter.

That night, Finnur goes out for a cigarette when he sees a car pulling up by the barn on his property. He heads down to take a closer look. A while later his wife can’t find him. She goes out looking for him near the barn. She finds Finnur tied upside down from the rafters— dead.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Finnur DeadA decent start for Season 2. Not nearly as intriguing as Season 1’s beginning. Father Gore remains very excited to see what comes next because either way it’ll be great to see Andri, as well as other returning characters, in a new mystery. Some of the new additions to the cast are already proving to be worth the time.
And, of course, there are 10 episodes, so the first couple might set everything up real well then start to really turn the screws on us.

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