Chambers— SEASON 1 FINALE: “The Crystal Organ”


Netflix’s Chambers
Season 1, Episode 10: “The Crystal Organ”
Directed by Lucy Tcherniak
Written by Leah Rachel

* For a recap & review of the penultimate episode, “In the Gloaming” – click here
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - LilithThe night Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) died, and Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) received her heart, we see a waiting room. On the television is a program about Adam and Eve, discussing how everybody “descended from a single pair of original ancestors.” Father Gore’s curious: is this the whole deal behind Annex? Are they, somehow, reaching back to the idea of the Garden, of Adam and Eve? Specifically, the myth of Lilith?
A young man with a broken nose skates through the hospital’s basement on his way to get a cappucino. He hears strange chanting coming from a room where he sees Ruth (Lili Taylor) and others from the Annex standing around a patient on a table. He ends up bumping into somebody carrying a heart out of there. When he goes to get his drink, someone sneaks up behind him, and he’s gone.

In the van, TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand) and Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) have Becky/Sasha tied up in back. They’re taking her to the Annex. Yve doesn’t know what else to do. They’ve got to get her somewhere before she kills herself. Across town, Nancy (Uma Thurman) is on her own after murdering her husband Ben (Tony Goldwyn). She’s soon found by Deacon (Khan Baykal). At the Annex, Yvonne arrives and uses her new employee badge to get past the gates, along with a little “grace and gratitude.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Lili TaylorInside, somewhere, Elliott (Nicholas Galitzine) is in terrible shape. He’s being put through endless rituals, which are no more than torture. “Were here to introduce you to your best self,” he’s told. At the same time, in another similar room, Yve’s hooking Becky up to a chakra machine. They find a label “Anahata“— what the old woman said to TJ in the last episode, a reference to the heart chakra. Yve uses the black tourmaline the lady gave her to help. It only makes Becky convulse and worries the two friends.

Somewhere deep inside, past the chakra, is Sasha stuck in a version of her trailer. The Stone Roses song plays on the radio. There are masks on the walls, like a mix of Sasha and her uncle’s place and the Lefevre house. Nobody’s home. There are birthday cakes all over the counter and pictures of the Lefevre family on the walls.
She’s surprised and knocked over the head by Becky. They have a talk, just the two of them. They’re in a surreal space. Becky says Sasha has to kill herself to save everybody she loves from the “darkness inside” her. Whatever was put inside Becky is now also inside Sasha, and she tries to scare the girl sharing her heart by taunting with old painful memories of Sasha’s mother. It’s too much to bear, so Sasha agrees to die. Not really. She’s trying to draw things out, to distract her captor. Doesn’t work, though. Mostly Becky laments what happened to her, eating the birthday cakes. Sasha doesn’t want to act like they’re friends, sending the other girl into a rage.

TJ and Yvonne try to speak to Sasha deep inside her subconscious. They each tell her how much she means to them. It allows her, through dream logic, to shed the handcuffs around her wrists. She sneaks into Becky’s room and handcuffs her to the bed. Becky warns she’s the only thing keeping the darkness at bay. Sasha stops short of killing her. She hears the voice of Uncle Frank (Marcus LaVoi) over the radio.
And Sasha’s only option, as she sees it, is to kill Becky.

Soundtrack note: “Pink Maggit” by the Deftones plays in this scene
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Kyanna Simone Simpson

“Well, I wished for clear skin,
but instead I got a demon put inside of me.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Sivan Alyra RoseSasha comes back to the world and to her friends. Elsewhere, Ruth is watching with a creepy smile on her face. Is this actually what she and the Annex want? Maybe they’re hoping the demon’s living on in Sasha.
A week later, Sasha’s getting a tiny heart tattoo along with Yvonne getting a different one of her own. A woman with a baby’s there being tattooed, too. She pays for the girls’ tattoos. Could the woman have a Storm Baby? Maybe she’s from the Annex, one of many people keeping an eye on Sasha. When Sasha goes to see Frank in prison, she feels the watchful eye of another woman there. TJ and Sasha are hanging out at home when a little girl brings her a flower. The girl somehow knows her name.
The Annex is everywhere.

At the foundation, Elliott is introduced to his transitional partner, Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte). It’s the exact mirror of what Sasha experienced on her first day at Crystal Valley— literally word for word. Elliott only wants to know about Sasha and he gets no answers. He can’t get an answer about his father, either. Nancy’s there now. She’s “a patient,” zombified, unable to even speak for herself. She leaves him a note to tell him Ben’s dead and they’ve got to work from the inside if they plan to make it out alive.

Sasha goes to see her grandfather, Harrison (Richard Ray Whitman). She sits with him and talks about their family. He wants to help her get to know her roots. He’s keeping the faith about his son, hoping they’ll be able to get a decent lawyer to spring Frank from prison. Then there’s a group of people at the door. Ruth and a massive crowd are waiting. They all want to meet her.
See, Becky’s been a vessel to bring Lilith back, “the divine feminine.” Ruth and the Annex want to bring “equilibrium to this fucked up world.” Suddenly, Sasha’s scar is healing. Ruth explains the power of what Lilith can do. But she’s refused. The girl won’t go with them. Evan (Matthew Rauch) and the others are forceful, believing she should let it happen. They disrespect her family and where she comes from, thinking themselves her proper family.
That’s when Sasha uses the power of Lilith, and all the men fall to the ground, only the women are left. Ruth and the women stand in awe of Sasha, as Lilith has fully returned in all her terrifying glory.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Sivan Alyra Rose (1)Seriously— whoa! What an unexpected end, all around. Fascinating episode. Father Gore’s a huge fan of the Lilith mythology, which recently has turned up in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Great use here. Would be even better to see a Season 2, though it’s tough to determine how Netflix makes decisions given they don’t release their viewership numbers like a regular network.
UPDATED: As of June 18th, Netflix has cancelled the series. Sad.

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