NOS4A2 2×06: “The Hourglass”

2×06: “The Hourglass”
Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper
Written by Loy A. Webb

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Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Dr. Gregory DiesJonathan ‘The Hourglass’ Beckett is one slick creative. He’s able to influence people, to take their time and use it for his own purposes. Such as using Dr. Gregory to do his evil bidding. Maggie’s present when Dr. Gregory injects something right into the IV on Vic’s lines. She pulls it out and calls a nurse. She tries to chase the doc but he locks himself in a room. He injects himself in the neck. Maggie breaks in and tries to get the truth out of the doc. All he says is “Help me” before dying.
Later, Vic’s mom Linda is giving the FBI shit for their clear lack of security. Poor Vic doesn’t want to keep lying around while Wayne is out there with Bing and Charlie Manx. She tries telling her mother about her gift, though to Linda it sounds like rambling. Linda threatens a psych evaluation to get her daughter to lie down and shut up. Sad thing is it’s not rambling. Vic’s really the only one who can help her son at the moment.

On the road to Christmasland, Manx tells Wayne to use his hidden phone. Of course there’s no answer. Not because Vic is a “heart breaker” or a bad mom like Charlie says. We know she’s in the hospital. Then out of nowhere, Wayne sees a vision of a burned man— Craig— who urges that the vampire’s a liar. Charlie can’t see what Wayne is seeing, which is interesting. A bittersweet moment to see Craig, particularly in this state.
Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Burned CraigAt home, Tabitha’s feeling guilty about not doing things by the book, in spite of her bravery. She and Maggie get talking about Manx’s reach, that he may be working with somebody new. Maggie suggests using her tiles, but Tabitha doesn’t want that having a negative affect on her. She insists, given the severity of what’s happening and what’s already happened. Nothing Tabitha says looks like it’s going to deter her, either.
At the Providence Hotel, Maggie sees the Hourglass at the bar. He comes over to sit next to her. He plays it pretty strong, and so does she, until they come to an impasse. Creatives can sense one another. John recognises the power in Maggie, and she already knows just who he is before she got there. She pulls out her bag of tiles, explaining her gift. Then John shows off his hourglass.

When Chris and Linda get to chatting at the hospital he tells her he’s seen things with his “own eyes” that can’t quite be explained. He says he saw a “walking dead man” take Wayne in an “impossible car.” He believes that maybe Vic can actually find their grandson with her motorcycle. Linda refuses to believe she could not know her own daughter’s essentially magic. But Chris, who’s been working on himself deeply over the years, recognises that Linda was too busy “hiding her bruises and paying her bills” and dealing with a shitty drunk for a husband to notice anything else. All he asks of his ex-wife is for them to listen to Vic and, for once, believe her. Meanwhile, Lou makes clear that neither a heart stent nor Vic’s bad spleen is going to stop them from doing their Han and Leia thing together until the end.

What’s going to happen now that Maggie’s gone upstairs with Mr. Beckett?
They talk about how to live with their gifts. You can hurt yourself, or you can hurt others to mitigate the effects of one’s gift. John shows off a few burn scars across his forearm. He asks Maggie to break out his tiles, so she agrees. First, he burns her arm like his own, telling her to “harness the pain.” He tells her to use her gift when the pain fills her up. She then asks her bag of tiles: “Will John achieve immortality?” The tiles say no. Yet Maggie experiences none of her seizure-like side effects from using her tiles. While John’s raging over the answer to his question Maggie sneaks away with his hourglass. Or, she tries to, anyway. He interrupts and she pours him a drink. He mentions Manx unlocking the secret to immortality. He’s convinced the “tiles have to be wrong.” Maggie tries to get out but he sees his hourglass is missing and stops her fast. John smashes her off the mirror and tosses her across the room. But Maggie fights hard, sticking him with a long shard of glass in the gut. She smashes his hourglass under her boot before leaving.
Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Maggie and the HourglassA big blow: Vic’s bike is bits and pieces. She’s losing faith that she’ll be able to find her son. Like always, Lou is there to boost her spirits. Vic keeps on thinking that Wayne will end up like the other Christmasland kids before she can get to him. Speaking of the kid, he and Charlie are pulling into a veritable car graveyard. They’re taking a pit stop in one of Charlie’s “hiding places” along the road to their destination. Wayne wants to sleep, so Manx is going to fill his head with wonders. The kid’s already losing teeth in preparation for his eventual demonic vampire transformation. He even tears apart a butterfly maliciously after it floats through the window.

When Maggie gets home she returns to a sad Tabitha, whose gun and badge were taken by her boss. She tries to assure Tabitha they can find Wayne on their own. She’s also happy to show off that she’s figured out how to get rid of her seizures, so she can use her bag. It freaks Tabitha out. Maggie’s giving an ultimatum, because she doesn’t ever want to not use her gift, she doesn’t want to give that up even for love, no matter how great. May not be a good road to go down, though. Isn’t that how Charlie basically became what he is, by forsaking others without a creative mind?
Well, none of that matters for Charlie right now. He’s experiencing a hitch in his plans. Bing shows up and gasses his Master, pulling Charlie out to the road. While they’re gone, Craig returns to urge Wayne to call his mother. The kid calls and mom answers. He says they’re in a junkyard somewhere, but that’s all he can tell.
Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Craig ReturnsThis angle with Bing should be compelling.
And how long until Vic gets on the road again? C’MON!

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