NOS4A2 2×05: “Bruce Wayne McQueen”


2×05: “Bruce Wayne McQueen”
Directed by Hanelle Culpepper
Written by Thomas Brady

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Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueenWe see Vic McQueen in an operating room, being given a cesarean section. The nurses rush to take the baby out. The child isn’t breathing. So the nurses go to work, trying to revive him while Vic fights to hold her little baby boy. Moments later, the child comes to life, crying out loud. Little Bruce Wayne McQueen is safe and sound and healthy. However, Vic bringing a child into the world isn’t all sunshine, given that she’s seemingly permanently entangled with Charlie Manx.

Lou’s assuring Wayne that the kid did nothing wrong talking to Charlie. Not his fault. They have no idea that the Hourglass is headed straight for them. He uses his tricks to convince two FBI agents staked out on the road to “spare the child” but kill everybody else down at the lake. Quite the eerie power to have, which is obviously why Manx sought ought the Hourglass in the first place. At the house, Lou’s attempting to tell Chris the truth about Manx and Bing Partridge. Chris is only concerned with revenge against those who’ve hurt his daughter. He gets himself shot when he goes to speak with the FBI agents after they pull up, returning fire on one of them. The other points his gun at Wayne, then the Hourglass makes him turn the gun on himself.
Then Wayne smells something sweet, and Lou hears gas pumping into the house. They escape into the trees where Lou’s snatched and gassed by Bing, so Wayne tries to run off with the big guy chasing closely behind. Bing catches Wayne just in time for Manx to arrive with his Rolls Royce. Their escape is interrupted by Vic, who’s come back in the nick of time, and she has the detonator for their homemade bombs.

That’s when Manx decides he’ll try running Vic over.
And she goes flying over his hood, through the air, as her body collides with the car. When she wakes up she finds Charlie standing over her, cracking her in the spine with a mallet. He beats her with it mercilessly when she refuses to stay down, as he goes on another bad mother misogyny rant against her and all mothers. Soon, Vic fights back. She gets hold of the mallet, cracking Manx in the face. After that she goes to work beating the Rolls to pieces, injuring Charlie with each smack. She can’t break the windows to get her boy out, giving Bing time to get out and shoot at her. This forces Vic to run, but she tells Wayne no matter where they take him, she will find him again. She makes it to the lake and jumps in to avoid getting shot.
Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Charlie Manx's MalletGreat episode giving us different perspectives of the same scene.
I wonder, is the feast Manx refers to actually going to be Bing? Wouldn’t surprise me.

While Bing runs after Vic, little Wayne tries to use his phone but realises there’s no signal. He can’t even get out of the backseat because the car’s magic prevents him from moving. Lou eventually shows up and tries breaking the glass, managing to break one of the front windows. But he’s not fast enough. Manx catches him and pummels his head off the side of the vehicle. Looks like he’s bringing Lou along to Christmasland, as well. I guess he’ll be the meal now. In the lake, Vic hides from the flying bullets while Charlie continues taunting her. His hilarious talk of cowardice doesn’t seem to mention men beating on women, or two-on-one, just focusing on her cracking him and running. So Vic swims further until she’s back under the wharf where Bing’s firing at her.

Suddenly, more bullets. This time they belong to Chris. He shoots Bing, then goes after Charlie. This gives Vic a chance to get out of the water. Charlie hops in the Rolls and pulls out of there, leaving a frightened Bing behind. Luckily, dad and daughter McQueen live to fight another day. They better get moving, though. Because Wayne’s in trouble. Lou gets left behind in rough shape. He tells Vic to find Charlie and “kill him.” So off she goes, headed after the Rolls. She fires round after round into the front seat of the car but nothing works. She gets a nasty surprise when the Hourglass flies into the road, running her down in the road. Her, Lou, and Chris all end up in the hospital. And poor Vic breaks down, right as Linda gets there to console her daughter.
Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Charlie's Slashed Face

“It’s a dangerous game, endeavouring to love…”

Father Son Holy Gore - NOS4A2 - Vic in the WaterThis was a ROUGH episode for Vic. Just getting the absolute shit kicked out of her.
Let’s hope she’s going to take it to Manx— hard!

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