MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE: Biblical Murder and Mental Health Horrors

MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE's a mess. But a creepy one about the horrors of neglected mental illness.

FRONTIER(S): Post-WWII Gothic and Political Invasion of the Body

Xavier Gens delivers a political piece of brutal body horror with FRONTIER(S)

SHADOW Casts a Heavy Darkness Over the Horrors of War

With a low budget, SHADOW manages to tackle the realities and nightmares of war through a backwoods horror-type plot set in Italy.

KILLBILLIES: Men, Monsters, Women

A trip into the backwoods like never before! Slovenian rednecks and liquor await.

ROVDYR’s Nothing New, Still Visceral

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Yet ROVDYR (a.k.a MANHUNT) packs a visceral, brutish punch all the same.

Scarce is Finger Lickin’ Bad Scarce. 2008. Directed & Written by Jesse Thomas Cook and John Geddes. Starring Steve Warren, Gary Fischer, Chris Warrilow, Thomas Webb, John Geddes, Jesse Thomas Cook, Stephanie Banting, Gavin Peacock, Matt Griffin, Jaclyn Pampalone, Jackie Eddolls, & Jason Derushie. Bloodlife Films/Two Door Four Door Pictures. Rated 18A. 93 minutes. Horror/Thriller ★1/2  Some movies are …

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The Hills Run Red with the Sounds of Slasher Horror The Hills Run Red. 2009. Directed by Dave Parker. Screenplay by John Dombrow & David J. Schow. Starring Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink, William Sadler, Janet Montgomery, Alex Wyndham, Ewan Bailey, & Danko Jordanov. Fever Dreams/Warner Premiere/Dark Castle Entertainment. Rated R. 81 minutes. Horror/Thriller ★★★1/2  I'm a lover of the slasher sub-genre. When I was …

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Bleed is Never Better Than the Sum of its Parts Bleed. 2016. Directed by Tripp Rhame. Screenplay by Ben Jacoby from a story by Rhame. Starring Chelsey Crisp, Riley Smith, Michael Steger, Lyndon Smith, Brittany Ishibashi, Elimu Nelson, & David Yow. Spitfire Studios. Not Rated. 82 minutes. Horror/Thriller ★★1/2  Tripp Rhame's debut feature Bleed, also known as The Circle, is a mixed-bag of tricks. …

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