No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism in THE CANNIBAL CLUB

This Brazilian film has plenty of bite, reserved in full for the bourgeois cannibal economy of capitalism.

Room 104 – Season 2, Episode 4: “Hungry”

Two consenting male adults meet to fulfil a mutual fantasy, only to get interrupted by police.

MOTEL HELL: Farmer Vincent’s Winning Recipe is Satire (And People)

MOTEL HELL is one horror's best satires, of other movies in the genre, as well as food, the industry surrounding it, and the people who eat it.

Transgressive Family Love in RAW

A young woman enters adulthood, also discovering the sickening lure of cannibalism.

Scarce is Finger Lickin’ Bad Scarce. 2008. Directed & Written by Jesse Thomas Cook and John Geddes. Starring Steve Warren, Gary Fischer, Chris Warrilow, Thomas Webb, John Geddes, Jesse Thomas Cook, Stephanie Banting, Gavin Peacock, Matt Griffin, Jaclyn Pampalone, Jackie Eddolls, & Jason Derushie. Bloodlife Films/Two Door Four Door Pictures. Rated 18A. 93 minutes. Horror/Thriller ★1/2  Some movies are …

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White Skin Seeps Into Your Blood

Peau Blanche a.k.a White Skin. 2004. Directed by Daniel Roby. Screenplay by Daniel Roby; based on the novel by Joël Champetier. Starring Marc Paquet, Marianne Farley, Frédéric Pierre, Jessica Harris, Julie LeBreton, Lise Roy, Joujou Turenne, Raymond Cloutier, Marcel Sabourin, and Jude-Antoine Jarda. Zone Films. Rated 14A. 89 minutes. Drama/Horror/Mystery ★★★★ I've been a longtime user of the …

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