Swamp Thing— SEASON FINALE: “Loose Ends”

The Conclave have come to Marais, to destroy Swamp Thing once and for all.

Swamp Thing— Episode 9: “The Anatomy Lesson”

Woodrue cuts into Swampy while Cassidy accepts his fate as the Blue Devil.

Swamp Thing— Episode 8: “Long Walk Home”

Abby goes back to the CDC, where new trouble arises. Back in Marais, Avery meets Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing— Episode 7: “Brilliant Disguise”

Lucilia settles the score with Avery. In the swamp, Abby and Alec run into danger.

Swamp Thing— Episode 6: “The Price You Pay”

Dr. Woodrue does an unsanctioned human experiment, while Dr. Arcane struggles to help Alec.

Swamp Thing— Episode 5: “Drive All Night”

Swampy meets Phantom Stranger. Abby has to try and help Maria.

Swamp Thing— Episode 4: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Dr. Arcane finds out more about the Green Flu as it spreads further and more dangerously through Marais.

Swamp Thing— Episode 3: “He Speaks”

Dr. Arcane meets Swamp Thing again, face to face. Avery is struggling to maintain control, financially and personally.