Swamp Thing— SEASON FINALE: “Loose Ends”

The Conclave have come to Marais, to destroy Swamp Thing once and for all.

Swamp Thing— Episode 7: “Brilliant Disguise”

Lucilia settles the score with Avery. In the swamp, Abby and Alec run into danger.

Swamp Thing— Episode 6: “The Price You Pay”

Dr. Woodrue does an unsanctioned human experiment, while Dr. Arcane struggles to help Alec.

Swamp Thing— Episode 5: “Drive All Night”

Swampy meets Phantom Stranger. Abby has to try and help Maria.

Swamp Thing— Episode 4: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Dr. Arcane finds out more about the Green Flu as it spreads further and more dangerously through Marais.

Swamp Thing— Episode 3: “He Speaks”

Dr. Arcane meets Swamp Thing again, face to face. Avery is struggling to maintain control, financially and personally.

Swamp Thing— Episode 2: “Worlds Apart”

Abby tries to help Susie. So does Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing— “Pilot”

Dr. Abby Arcane returns to Louisiana to investigate an epidemic. She meets Alec Holland. Things get scary.