[Fantasia 2019] THE PREY: Welcome to the Class Struggle Jungle

Deep in the jungle there's a struggle to survive, as the rich hunt the poor for sport.

SHOT CALLER’s Ugly Truth of Incarceration & the Violent Male Psyche

Jacob, a family man, crashes his car while drunk, killing his best friend. This lands him in a maximum security prison, where it's live or die or maybe even worse.

Refn’s Bronson is a Surreal Character Study of Lonely Violence

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMJ1c3qxOWc Bronson. 2008. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Screenplay by Brock Norman Brock & Refn. Starring Tom Hardy, Matt King, James Lance, Amanda Burton, Kelly Adams, Juliet Oldfield, Jonathan Phillips, Mark Powley, Hugh Ross, Joe Tucker, Gordon Brown, & Charlie Whyman. Str8jacket Creations/Vertigo Films/Aramid Entertainment Fund. Rated 14A. 92 minutes. Biography/Crime/Drama ★★★★1/2 Time and again …

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FELON: Justice v. Revenge Amongst the Horrors of the American Penal System

What happens when a normal man accidentally kills someone trying to rob his home? FELON answers the terrifying question.

Appearance & Lies in Uwe Boll’s STOIC

When three experienced offenders come up against a jail rookie, the consequences of a little game become life or death.