The Human Horrors of Misogynistic Violence & French Colonialism in KANDISHA

Kandisha tackles heavy, significant social themes underneath a blood and guts tale of supernatural revenge.

LEATHERFACE: An Iconic Killer’s New Awakening

The prequel to Tobe Hooper's classic, by French duo Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury, turns up new themes in the iconic killer.

INSIDE: As If Motherhood Wasn’t Tough Enough

The trials and tribulations of motherhood, drenched in sheets of blood and gore. Plus, Béatrice Dalle: need I say more?

LIVID: A House of Tricks & Gruesome Treats

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury give us another terrifying vision of horror, this time in a dark fantasy like some forgotten fairy tale.

Disturbing Horror for Halloween Season

There are tons and tons of disturbing horror movies out there. I've seen plenty of them, but the titles on this list are some of my favourites. Not saying these are the most extreme, the most hardcore, I'm not touting these as the most disturbing horror movies you can watch. Simply, I think these are …

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