[31 Days of Halloween – Day 1] True Crime Ethics & Mommy Issues in THE UNGODLY

The 1st 31 Days of Halloween looks at THE UNGODLY, a brutal, disturbing look at true crime ethics and a Freudian killer.

Father Son Holy Gore’s Interview with Larry Fessenden

C.H. Newell chats with filmmaker Larry Fessenden about his new film, DEPRAVED, Mary Shelley, the state of America, and more.

Destructive Legacies of Fatherhood in Larry Fessenden’s DEPRAVED

The newest film from Larry Fessenden is a fresh take on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein that takes aim at our violent patriarchal culture.

The Infectious Tentacles of Nationalism & Xenophobia in AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS

A post-Brexit/post-Trump horror+sci-fi mashup critical of the media, nationalism, and old white men.

BACKCOUNTRY: Woman v. Bear(/Man)

Bear v. one tough woman in the wilderness. Who'll emerge victorious?

Father Gore’s 5 Scary Flicks

In the 1st video for Father Son Holy Gore you get a rundown on five movies Father Gore finds pretty scary himself.

Back to the Cannibalism of the Wild West with Bone Tomahawk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZbwtHi-KSE Bone Tomahawk. 2015. Directed & Written by S. Craig Zahler. Starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, Sean Young, Lil Simmons, Zahn McClarnon, Matthew Fox, David Arquette, Kathryn Morris, and Sid Haig. Caliber Media Company. Rated R. 132 minutes. Horror/Western ★★★★★ This is a movie I've waited a long time to see. Ever since …

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White Skin Seeps Into Your Blood

Peau Blanche a.k.a White Skin. 2004. Directed by Daniel Roby. Screenplay by Daniel Roby; based on the novel by Joël Champetier. Starring Marc Paquet, Marianne Farley, Frédéric Pierre, Jessica Harris, Julie LeBreton, Lise Roy, Joujou Turenne, Raymond Cloutier, Marcel Sabourin, and Jude-Antoine Jarda. Zone Films. Rated 14A. 89 minutes. Drama/Horror/Mystery ★★★★ I've been a longtime user of the …

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