[Short Film] THE DOLLMAKER Has Come to Ruin Your Sleep

Al Lougher's THE DOLLMAKER is a terrifying Faustian short film about the horror of parental grief.

Capitalism, Colonialism, & Imperialism— Oh, My!: TUMBBAD as an Indian Gothic Fable of Greed

TUMBBAD is a unique piece of cinema that thrills & also proves to be a great sociopolitical allegory about modern India.

“Broad is the Road That Leads to Death”: Christianity & Cults Are All Alike in APOSTLE

The new Gareth Evans film takes on Christianity, cults, and more with its dark fantasy + folk horror.

NIGHTBREED— Or, A Tale of Two Cities

Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED explores the difference between experiences in the city, focused on those with power v. those without.

Escaping Repetitive Cycles of Fate in THE ENDLESS

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's THE ENDLESS digs into cults, brotherhood, the purpose of life, and more.

A Different Kind of Vampire: Ted Nicolaou’s SUBSPECIES

A strange, unique vampire film you won't soon forget! Not if Radu has anything to say about it.

PUMPKINHEAD: A Gruesome Fairy Tale

A fantastic slice of the late '80s, like a dark fairy tale set in the South, the horrific stuff of folklore.

PUPPETMASTER: Killer Toys Run Amok

Behold! Creepy puppets. Nazi spies. Suicide, murder, psychics. And so much more.