An Unsettling Internet Odyssey of Identity & Creepy Old Men in WE’RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLD’S FAIR

A girl is drawn into an internet challenge, but she's soon drawn into something potentially far more dark when she meets an older man online.

[Fantasia 2021] The Dark, Ugly Realities of Social Media in #BLUE_WHALE

A girl tries to figure out why her sister killed herself, only to stumble onto a horrifying online game and a den of digital predators.

Channel Zero – The Dream Door, Episode 1: “Ashes On My Pillow”

Tom and Jill Hodgson move into a new house, where they find a strange door in the basement.

Channel Zero – Butcher’s Block, Episode 6: “Sacrifice Zone”

Zoe and Alice must confront the reality of the Peach family, as well as the family's rent agreement with the Pestilent God.

Channel Zero – No-End House, Episode 2: “Nice Neighborhood”

After believing they've left the No-End House, Margot & her friends realise they may never have left.

Channel Zero – Candle Cove, Episode 2: “I’ll Hold Your Hand”

Memories of Candle Cove return as Mike investigates in his hometown

Channel Zero – Candle Cove, Episode 1: “You Have to Go Inside”

Dr. Mike Painter must return to his hometown when a disappearance is reminiscent of deaths from his childhood.