The Alienist – Angel of Darkness: “Last Exit to Brooklyn”

While Byrnes causes brutality to find the missing Vanderbilt baby, Sara, John, and Laszlo keep up their investigation.

The Alienist – Angel of Darkness: “Memento Mori”

Dr. Kreizler deals with tragedy while Libby prepares to snatch a new child

Unhealthy Fetish + Sexualised Trauma in Brett Leonard’s FEED

Brett Leonard's FEED is a twisted vision of modern perversion, where fetish crosses the border from normal sexuality into the repetition of trauma.

Grimm Love Bites at the Heartstrings Rohtenburg (English title: Grimm Love). 2010. Directed by Martin Weisz. Screenplay by T.S. Faull. Starring Thomas Kretschmann, Keri Russell, Thomas Huber, Rainier Meissner, Pascal Andres, Axel Wedekind, Tatjana Clasing, Horst D. Scheel, & Nils Dommning. Senator Entertainment Company/Atlantic Streamline. Rated R. 87 minutes. Crime/Drama/Horror ★★★★  To preface my review, I'll start with the real …

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