The Sinner 4×06: “Part VI”

After Brandon's corpse turns up and Harry gets pushed out of the investigation, Harry and Meg join forces to do their own investigation.

The Outsider – Episode 4: “Que Viene el Coco”

Holly digs up info that starts connecting Terry and other supposed child killers.

Why SCREAM 2 is Better Than People Are Willing to Admit

One of the better horror sequels, SCREAM 2 takes aim at the sensationalisation of true crime, media exploitation, and yes, even the horror genre and sequels themselves.

Digging Up the Past in THE TRIANGLE

THE TRIANGLE is a disturbing mix of real life and fiction in a curious bit of found footage.

There’s Twice the Psychosis WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK: an unexpected sequel that chills almost as much if not more than the original.

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: A Flashy, Slashy, Trashy Good Time

The sweet revenge of a man left for dead comes at the end of a sharp, shiny hook.