“It’s all her fault”: Gaslighting & the Virgin Mary in THE LODGE

A weekend at the cabin with the kids isn't always what you bargained for when you made those plans.

“Broad is the Road That Leads to Death”: Christianity & Cults Are All Alike in APOSTLE

The new Gareth Evans film takes on Christianity, cults, and more with its dark fantasy + folk horror.

Escaping Repetitive Cycles of Fate in THE ENDLESS

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's THE ENDLESS digs into cults, brotherhood, the purpose of life, and more.

The Path – Season 3, Episode 13: “Blood Moon”

Eddie plans to reveal the truth about Dr. Steve Meyer to the movement. Cal prepares to do something dangerous and drastic.

The Path – Season 3, Episode 12: “A New American Religion”

Eddie orders Vera to have her mother released from the hospital. But what will be the consequences?

The Path – Season 3, Episode 11: “Bad Faith”

Hawk tries to save Caleb from conversion therapy with help from Eddie. Sarah finds out the truth about Vera.

The Path – Season 3, Episode 10: “The Strongest Souls”

Hawk struggles to find a way to keep Caleb from conversion therapy. Eddie is on the brink of finding out the raw truth about Dr. Steve Meyer.

Waco – Episode 6: “Day 51”

The standoff in Waco between the Branch Davidians led by David Koresh and the FBI ends in tragedy.