Legion— Chapter 24

David finally tracks down the Division 3 airship and all hell breaks loose

Legion— Chapter 9

David comes to, and has to keep looking for the Shadow King, who's still walking around in Oliver Bird's skin.

Legion— Chapter 8

When the team at Summerland try to get Farouk out of David's mind, the consequences are wildly unexpected, & a knew trouble rears its head.

Legion— Chapter 7

The Devil with the Yellow Eyes is revealed in full, as David struggles to finally break through to reality; getting by with a little help from his friends.

Legion— Chapter 6

Stuck somewhere in the makings of a dream, Syd struggles to break back to reality, as David & the others remain under Lenny's influence.

Legion— Chapter 5

When David heads to D3, he leaves a trail of dead bodies in his wake. He not only discovers things about himself, Dr. Bird & the team likewise uncover his darkest secret.