[Fantasia 2022] HYPOCHONDRIAC: Buried Traumas & Mental Illness; Or, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

A young artist spirals into madness after his estranged mother makes contact again after many years.

Mental Illness, Art, & Jungian Shadows in DANIEL ISN’T REAL

Give in to your shadowy side. Or else.

Legion— Chapter 15

David struggles after what's happened to Amy. Farouk discovers an important secret from the future.

Siren – Season 1, Episode 2: “The Lure”

Ben tries to help Ryn, but the mermaid is only concerned with finding her sister again.

Channel Zero – Butcher’s Block, Episode 5: “The Red Door”

Alice undergoes a final procedure at the hands of Joseph Peach. Chief Vanczyk deals with the aftermath of cutting his son's throat.

Channel Zero – Butcher’s Block, Episode 4: “Alice in Slaughterland”

Alice goes beyond the door at the top of the stairs, where she finds more madness.

Channel Zero – Butcher’s Block, Episode 3: “All You Ghost Mice”

Alice experiences strange events in an eerie hospital. Zoe becomes closer with the Peach family.

Channel Zero – Butcher’s Block, Episode 2: “Father Time”

Zoe returns cured. Alice and Louise investigate where Joseph Peach was seen in the park.