“You don’t like me cookin’?”: Queer Struggle(s), Othered Bodies, & Work in THE LIGHTHOUSE

“Nothing good happens when two men are trapped in a giant phallus” — director Robert Eggers

The Terror – INFAMY SEASON FINALE: “Into the Afterlife”

Chester and Luz must face Yuko one final time— in this world, and the next.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 9: “Come and Get Me”

Chester and Luz go to every length to escape Yuko. But it's never enough.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 8: “My Sweet Boy”

Chester searches for his lost other half. Yuko keeps on searching for him, too.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 7: “My Perfect World”

Chester tries to escape. Back at the camp, a brutal tragedy occurs.

Siren – Season 2, Episode 15: “Sacrifice”

Ryn must undergo a difficult process to ensure the survival of her species

[Fantasia 2019] DREADOUT: Video Game Creeps Confront a Gothic Indonesian Past

Kimo Stamboel's video game adaptation is a creepy thrill ride, just as much as it is a confrontation of the present and a Gothic Indonesian past.