The Alienist – Angel of Darkness: “Last Exit to Brooklyn”

While Byrnes causes brutality to find the missing Vanderbilt baby, Sara, John, and Laszlo keep up their investigation.

Father Gore’s Favourite (NEW) TV— 2018 Edition!

Here are Father Gore's picks for the best television from last year

The Alienist – Episode 4: “These Bloody Thoughts”

Dr. Kreizler explores the erotic links to the murders of the boys in New York. Moore's trying to track down the man with the silver smile.

The Alienist – Episode 3: “Silver Smile”

Another murder in New York prompts Kreizler to rush to the scene before the cops. Moore struggles mentally with the pursuit of the killer.

The Alienist – Episode 2: “A Fruitful Partnership”

Dr. Kreizler and his team dig up more information about the dead boy, as a police cover-up emerges.

The Alienist – Episode 1: “The Boy on the Bridge”

During 1896 in New York, when Teddy Roosevelt is Commissioner of the PD, a gruesome murder occurs, dragging alienist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler into the investigation.