Kidding 2×07: “The Acceptance Speech”

Deirdre's... stuck. And Jeff is exploring what it's like to live in a real dream.

Kidding 2×06: “The Death of Fil”

Jeff and the crew attend a special funeral

Kidding 2×05: “Episode 3101”

Jeff tries to use the show to teach an important lesson about change

Kidding 2×04: “I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like”

Jeff and Deirdre experience a big shakeup when the show may be ready to go back on the air.

Kidding 2×03: “I’m Listening”

Jeff devises a plan so he can talk to kids around the world directly

Kidding 2×02: “Up, Down, and Everything in Between”

Jeff goes under the knife with Peter

Kidding 2×01: “The Cleanest Liver in Columbus, Ohio”

Jeff confronts the aftermath of what he did to Peter on the night before Christmas.

Father Gore’s Favourite (NEW) TV— 2018 Edition!

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