Father Gore’s October Recommendations – Vol. 4: Supernatural

A supernatural feast fit to make any Halloween season movie marathon real freaky

THE PACT II Lets Down its Predecessor

The Pact II. 2014. Directed/Written by Dallas Richard Hallam & Patrick Horvath. Starring Caity Lotz, Camilla Luddington, Scott Michael Foster, PAtrick Fischler, Amy Pietz, Haley Hudson, Market Steger, Nick Micheaux, Brad Gunberg, and Suziey Block. Campfire. Unrated. 96 minutes. Horror/Mystery/Thriller ★★ The Pact came out of nowhere for me, and despite what others have said about …

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THE PACT: A Family’s Haunted Promise

The Pact. 2012. Directed & Written by Nicholas McCarthy. Starring Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien, Mark Steger, Sam Ball, Haley Hudson, Kathleen Rose Perkins,Agnes Brucker, Dakota Bright, and Petra Wright. Preferred Content. Rated R. 89 minutes. Horror/Mystery/Thriller ★★★★ I've got to confess, I really have a thing for Nicholas McCarthy's films. Of course I saw …

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