Scary TV for a Spooky Halloween

A list of TV episodes to quench the deadly thirst of Halloween season— BEWARE!!!

Requiem – Episode 6: “Carys”

Matilda discovers the truth behind everything - her past, and John Dee's original search for angels.

Requiem – Episode 5: “Bessie”

Hal finds out about Matilda's birth certificate. And Matilda discovers more clues through Laura's talks with Bessie.

Requiem – Episode 4: “Blaidd Carreg”

Matilda wakes up with strange marks on her chest, then new details of the village's mystery emerge.

Requiem – Episode 3: “The Necklace”

Rose's mental state gets worse. Matilda and Hal each investigate their own clues.

Dark – Season 1, Episode 1: “Secrets”

In a small German town, there are many secrets. They're about to be revealed in the wake of two missing children.

One of Horror’s Most Underappreciated Sequels – AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION

An underrated sequel that rarely gets its due, and tackles some terrifying ideas with its story.

The Exorcist – Season 1, Chapter Two: “Lupus in Fabula” FOX's The Exorcist Season 1, Chapter Two: "Lupus in Fabula" Directed by Michael Nankin Written by Heather Bellson * For a review of Chapter One: "And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee" - click here * For a review of Chapter Three: "Let 'Em In" - click here Young boys in a dark room …

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