The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 3: “Thank You”

AMC’s The Walking Dead
Season 6, Episode 3:
 “Thank You”
Directed by Michael Slovis
Written by Angela Kang

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes and Glenn RheeRick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang are on their way home to Alexandria from the quarry. He and Glenn (Steven Yeun), plus a bunch of their crew, run through the woods frightened for what is coming behind them, all the walkers loose from the quarry. Rick radios back out to the road where Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) are slightly unaware of the trouble at hand.

Naturally, former Sheriff Grimes has a plan. He makes it very clear they need to only worry about themselves. Problem is the original Alexandrians are a bit uneasy about things. Michonne (Danai Gurira) does her best to quell the fears, though, Rick is fairly vocal about things. And many of the others, such as Heath (Corey Hawkins), are pretty worried for their safety. Off Rick goes on his own like a superhero, while everyone else heads back towards home.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Daryl RidesIn the woods, Glenn and Michonne try leading everyone back. Unfortunately a couple people are overcome by zombies. An errant shot by a scared group member hits someone else creating more mayhem. Back out on the road, Daryl has a plan of his own. He speeds off leaving Abraham and Sasha driving in the car. “I’ll be back,” he yells. His pals aren’t thrilled, but can’t stop him.

Too bad David (Jay Huguley) was bitten. He and Michonne talk on the road. He tells her about the woman he married only “three months” prior— Betsy— and how they originally met. Before that, he gave up on “being an actual person.” Touching moment made even worse by the fact we know he’s going to turn, or die before that happens.
Then Glenn tells Michonne how badly he has to get home. Something is going to happen, all due to Nicholas (Michael Traynor). Earlier on there’s a moment when he almost goes into shell-shock. He quakes and his vision went blurry.
Super creepy scene when Glenn and Michonne’s group find a pet store. All the animals are dead in their cages, starved and likely dehydrated. One of those strange hit you in the chest moments. You imagine all the different little situations people (and animals) found themselves in after the zombie apocalypse came raining down. Sad, tragic, chilling.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Welcome to AlexandriaGlenn has a plan. He wants to go light a building on fire. Can’t get any worse? Nicholas offers to draw a map to a feed store, something best fit for a blaze. Not at all sure about this guy. He’ll eventually either die or cause death because of his messed up mental state. When Glenn pulls out Hershel’s watch, Father Gore cringed. A bad omen.
Rick meets up with a small crowd of walkers. He pulls out a knife, nonchalant, then the animal Rick is back in his eyes. He takes them down bloodily, easily. Adore Rick Grimes.

Heath and Michonne have a confrontation. Out comes the truth for Heath, the hard reality. She impresses on him the fact sometimes you have to do things which “make you afraid of yourself.” Rick and Michonne, most of their group, they’ve all had to terrible things, awful and unspeakable actions that changed the very fiber of their DNA. None of them are the same. People in Alexandria haven’t experienced anything close.

Gunfire rings out back in Alexandria. This sends Glenn and Nicholas on the run faster. Walkers are on the move, so Michonne and everyone in the pet store have to stay put. A few zombies come from out of a closet. Michonne chops them, causing noise. Outside, a wall of walkers lurches towards them covering the street. They begin a fight to move forward, blasting out the doors. One of the girls gets nabbed, her guts chomped into and fed off of eagerly by zombie after zombie.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Danai Gurira as Michonne

“We don’t leave anybody behind—
not us.”

Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Zombies FeedingRick’s intensity is unmatched in “Thank You.” Even when he bit into that man’s neck near the end of Season 4, Rick has never been so primal. Might as well be frothing at the mouth. He also slices his hand while killing walkers. The intensity in the episode rises further, as the separate groups— Michonne and friends, Glenn and Nicholas— rally to corners of the small town they’re in, trying to discover some way, any way out.

Glenn and the idiotic Nicholas end up trapped in an alley, backed up against a fence and awaiting the onslaught of walking corpses. They each fire into as many brains as possible, then haul out their knives for close combat. Can it get ANY SWEATIER? Shit, man. The suspense and the tension had my heart racing. Not to mention their moments are inter-cut with Michonne nearly getting swamped and bit. She makes her way up and over a fence. The already bitten David is eaten alive by the horde.
Glenn and Nicholas have to get up on a dumpster in to keep away from the walkers. PTSD swells up inside Nicholas, everything slowing down, his hearing just about gone. He tells Glenn, “Thank you,” then shoots himself in the head. They both topple into the zombies, immediately engulfed. Tough to tell exactly because there’s a possibility it was Nicholas. The scene as it stands makes us believe Glenn is being eaten. Blood spurts out, guts are ripped with hungry hands into hungrier mouths. Heart wrenching scene.
Is this truly the end for Glenn?
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Glenn TrappedRick calls on the walkie back to Glenn, not knowing what’s happened— no answer. In fact, he gets no answer from anyone, except for Daryl and the road crew. He tries instilling them all with more courage, telling them not to be afraid. Abraham confirms over the radio they indeed are not. Tough bunch. They basically have to trust that everyone at Alexandria can handle themselves properly right now.

Out of nowhere Rick is attacked in the camper. Two men are on in him After wild gunshots he knocks them down, pumping two shots into them respectively. He finds a jar of baby food on one of them in a bittersweet moment. Then up along the side of the camper he spies people sneaking. Firing an assault rifle through the sides he annihilates them, presumably. In the side mirror, it looks to us like at least one of the dead people is a kid. Things get mentally worse for Rick.
Plus, the vehicle won’t start, and out of the forest come a ton of walkers.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead - Wall of ZombiesSo god damn excited for the next episode: “Here’s Not Here.”

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