NOS4A2 2×09: “Welcome to Christmasland”

Vic and Maggie arrive at Christmasland

NOS4A2 2×08: “Chris McQueen”

Chris and Vic try to head off Charlie at the last stop before Christmasland

NOS4A2 2×05: “Bruce Wayne McQueen”

Vic faces off with Charlie Manx once more. But this time she has help. Will it really make a difference?

NOS4A2 3×04: “The Lake House”

Vic takes her family and Maggie to hide out at her father's lake house

NOS4A2 2×03: “The Night Road”

Vic finds Charlie again on the Night Road


Years later, Vic McQueen's a mom trying to live her life, but Charlie Manx's supposed death brings back visions.

NOS4A2 – SEASON FINALE: “Gunbarrel”

Vic and Manx face off. But will it be the end?