Lore – Season 2, Episode 6: “Jack Parsons: The Devil and the Divine”

This is the odd tale of Jack Parsons, and his involvement with rockets, Hollywood, the military, and Aleister Crowley.

Lore – Season 2, Episode 4: “Prague Clock: The Curse of the Orloj”

This is the story of the Orloj, Prague's astronomical clock. Its earliest part dates back to 1410. And its history may be coated in blood.

Lore – Season 2, Episode 3: “Hinterkaifeck: Ghosts in the Attic”

This is the story of the Hinterkaifeck murders in 1922

Lore – Season 2, Episode 1: “Burke and Hare: In the Name of Science”

This is the tale of two Williams - Burke and Hare - and their strange, gruesome career as body snatchers in the 19th century.

Lore – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Beast Within”

Mahnke tells us about Peter Stubbe, werewolves, the Son of Sam, & more.

Lore – Season 1, Episode 4: “Passing Notes”

Mahnke tells us about 19th century spiritualism, Rev. Eliakim Phelps, Franz Mesmer, & more.

Lore – Season 1, Episode 3: “Black Stockings”

Mahnke tells us about Capgras Syndrome, a village in Ireland called Ballyvadlea, changelings, & more.

Lore – Season 1, Episode 6: “Unboxed”

Mahnke tells us about the Island of the Dolls, Anatoly Moskvin, a doll named Robert, & more.