From Patriarchy to Matriarchy: Purging the Toxic Male in MIDSOMMAR

Want to be rid of your toxic boyfriend? Take him to Hårga!

Repressed Rural Women and The Horrifying Effects of Medieval Misogyny in HAGAZUSSA

Lukas Feigelfeld's new folk horror film HAGAZUSSA explores one woman's struggle against paranoia, superstition, and religious repression in 15th-century rural Austria.

THE HOLE IN THE GROUND: A Surreal Nightmare of Motherhood and Mental Illness

Lee Cronin's film uses Irish folklore in an interesting modern way to tackle issues of motherhood and mental health.

“No more pain, no more death”: Fatalism, Free Will, & Fighting the Past in THE RITUAL

David Bruckner's THE RITUAL confronts issues of past v. present by way of a pagan death god. Cool, right?

“Broad is the Road That Leads to Death”: Christianity & Cults Are All Alike in APOSTLE

The new Gareth Evans film takes on Christianity, cults, and more with its dark fantasy + folk horror.

KILL LIST: Gothic Nationalism’s Violent Erasure of Modernity

KILL LIST begins as a crime-thriller, ending as a horrific bit of Gothic terror, and full of relevant modern themes.

PUMPKINHEAD: A Gruesome Fairy Tale

A fantastic slice of the late '80s, like a dark fairy tale set in the South, the horrific stuff of folklore.

The Gothic Traditions of DARK WATERS

If ever there were a Lovecraftian story not written by Lovecraft, DARK WATERS is it, certainly.