URBAN EXPLORER: Confronting Germany’s Buried Nazi History

URBAN EXPLORER's not a good movie, but it has plenty of things to say about how we sometimes choose to hide the past rather than confront it.

Romper Stomper – Episode 6: “Anabasis”

Magoo and Vic plan a bombing, that could have massive, devastating consequences.

Romper Stomper – Episode 5: “Chaos”

Gabe tries to get Kane to leave Patriot Blue by any means possible. In the aftermath of Jago's death, Antifasc and Laila are terrified.

Romper Stomper – Season 4: “The Dark Heart of Things”

Kane takes over as leader of Patriot Blue, as his mother tries to prevent him from destroying his life. Petra leads an Antifasc attack.

Romper Stomper – Episode 3: “Poetry”

Blake gets paranoid about Kane. Cindi becomes friendly with Antifasc. Malik reels with guilt after defending himself in the street.

Romper Stomper – Episode 2: “If Blood Should Stain the Wattle”

Laila goes on a right-wing show, but she's ambushed. Farid's brother Malik gets into a scary situation. Kane rises in Patriot Blue's ranks.

Romper Stomper – Episode 1: “Arrival”

Racial hate and cultural tension is alive in Australia, as a young man - Kane - becomes involved with far-right group Patriot Blue.