[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] Structures of Misogyny in GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR

A house is not a home when there's nothing but pain inside its walls.

The Alienist – Episode 3: “Silver Smile”

Another murder in New York prompts Kreizler to rush to the scene before the cops. Moore struggles mentally with the pursuit of the killer.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Season Finale

Mary's taken hostage after Brett shoots up Silk 41. Robin, Julia, Pyke all try finding her, at all costs.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 5

More of the illegal surrogacy comes to light, as Robin and Pyke get closer, and Mary drifts further towards danger.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 4

Brett involves himself in the China girl's case. Meanwhile, Robin meets Puss, with disastrous results.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 3

Pyke & Julia find out things about Puss' past. Robin comes face to face with Al Parker again.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 2

Robin and Mary finally meet. DNA matches come back in the case of China girl, but they're confusing.

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 1

Dt. Robin Griffin has moved on since last we saw her. Nowadays she's single, celibate, and having terrifying nightmares. Then a body in a suitcase washes up onshore.