American Horror Story 10×08: “Inside”

Ike Eisenhower grapples with his decision regarding the aliens. In present day, the friends search for answers about their alien pregnancies.

Stranger Things – Season 2: “Chapter Five – Dig Dug”

Jonathan and Nancy get in touch with Murray Bauman. Hooper's lost underneath Hawkins, as Joyce and Will try to save him.

The Conspiracy is the Eeriest PG Film Out There

The Conspiracy. 2012. Directed & Written by Christopher MacBride. Starring Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, Alan C. Peterson, Ian Anderson, Peter Apostolopoulos, Roger Beck, Angela Besharah, Bruce Clayton, Julian Richings, Laura de Carteret, Gavin Fox, and Ron Kennell. Resolute Films and Entertainment. Rated PG. 84 minutes. Horror/Thriller ★★★★  Often times I usually think anything PG-13 is …

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