Mothers & Martyrs: Terrors of Morality in M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS

What's a mother to do when her little boy grows into a monster?

THE HOLE IN THE GROUND: A Surreal Nightmare of Motherhood and Mental Illness

Lee Cronin's film uses Irish folklore in an interesting modern way to tackle issues of motherhood and mental health.

LYLE: Tragic Postpartum Horror

After the loss of her child, a woman gets pregnant again only to worry there is a sinister plot against her and her baby.

INSIDE: As If Motherhood Wasn’t Tough Enough

The trials and tribulations of motherhood, drenched in sheets of blood and gore. Plus, Béatrice Dalle: need I say more?

Top of the Lake – China Girl: Episode 4

Brett involves himself in the China girl's case. Meanwhile, Robin meets Puss, with disastrous results.

SHELLEY: What Would You Accept to Replace a Dead Child?

SHELLEY takes us past the threshold of ROSEMARY'S BABY, helping us discover what Satan's spawn might do in its infancy.

Female Psyche Under Patriarchal Pressure: UNDER THE SHADOW’s Haunting Allegory

UNDER THE SHADOW serves as an allegory for the pressure of patriarchy after the Islamic Revolution.