Trapped – Season 2, Episode 5

The town gathers for Gisli's funeral. Halla returns to help bury him.

Trapped – Season 2, Episode 4

Hammer of Thor have demands. But their kidnapping of the Mayor quickly spirals out of control.

Trapped – Season 2, Episode 3

The Mayor decides not to pursue action after Hammer of Thor vandalises her home— big mistake.

NOS4A2 – Episode 9: “Sleigh House”

Vic chases Manx while Maggie sets her Scrabble bag sights on Bing.

NOS4A2 – Episode 7: “Scissors for the Drifter”

Charlie Manx is trying to fix his Wraith. It'll cause a lot of trouble before it's fixed.

NOS4A2 – Episode 5: “The Wraith”

Vic McQueen and Charlie Manx come face to face.

NOS4A2 – Episode 4: “The House of Sleep”

Bing's done something bad. Vic tries to help find little Haley.

NOS4A2 – Episode 3: “The Gas Mask Man”

Vic tries to leave the bridge behind, focus on school. But Manx is out there, hunting.